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The relationship. Between the police and Mexican American community. At that time, the abuses were rampant on actually, the introduction of militarized weaponry was actually tested that day. No and Carolina ribbon Salazar mentioned he was one of the three people who were killed that day. Some people think he was actually targeted that he was assassinated. Can you for people who don't know who he is? Can you give us a brief description? He was a pioneering L. A Times columnist Mexican American originally from El Paso, He was working at the Times of the time at the time in which there were only four Latino reporters at the entire newspaper and became quite prominent first as a foreign correspondent as a journalist and then as a columnist in which he regularly and dedicated Lee tackled issues. Latino issues issues of Chicano identity. Police brutality, the treatment of Mexican Americans and she Connell's by the police with something that he had covered in his columns before, And in fact, he had been threatened before by people who you know, told him Hey, like, cut it out. And so he

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