What Moon Landing?


In the nineteen sixties, two things were happening more things are happening to. One it just two things. disclaimer were bottle of wine in the first one is the Cold War, which was basically between the US and the US are that started after the end of World War Two and nineteen, forty eight and lasted until nineteen ninety-one notice how I know when World War Two was. Throwing shade at the orange. I've had wine I'm a little snarky year. Then I'm not upset the way. The second thing was happening was the Vietnam War, which lasted between nineteen, fifty, five, and nineteen, seventy five. I did not think that was when on. Okay. But seriously I didn't realize the lasted that long either I thought it started like late late. Late mid to late sixties and went into the seventies. Yeah. Holy moly history is important because not only does it give us context as to why things happens, but it also serves as a blueprint showing what not to do if anyone literally anyone decided to pay attention in history class but whatever Got I. Him. So I'm fine. So in the nineteen sixties, the US was dealing with two things one they're trying to get the upper hand in and the other they're trying to distract the public from. Does that make sense had wine? Yes. Okay. Basically, it was a perfect time for the US government to distract everybody Hooker Luna verse. Where you're mass please. And this is why they decided to fake the moon landing. Where's the wind. please. Oh happy day. This explain why it started drinking. I'm so happy right now just help it off girl you're in need it I wanna make sure Rebecca some two but no, I don't just doing with to me this is a subject but I chose up my own free will thank you so much. This is going to be amazing. Okay. But why why would we do this? The US was currently racing the USSR to be the first to the moon and the fastest way to do that would be to fake it's. Kinda like when you're never mind. There it is. Oh, we made it two minutes. That's where we learned it from. The Moon and Do to the bad press the Vietnam War Gotten General the moon landing would serve as the. Distraction at the time luckily in this day and age that only have hundreds of people been able to see through the thin veil that is as opposed moon landing but have also been able to poke holes and this historical events. Can we make sure that you know take this is poured slash s please. You can't tell that from my voice I can I only sound this way when it's bullying? Sixties radio. Broadcaster Boys. Here for all of it. So now we're going to dive into reasons why are evidence as to why the moon landing did not happen? Okay. GimMe all of it I is there's no wind on the moon correct in the flag was waving. Yep that's pretty much where we're going. Imagine this iconic scene, the year is nineteen sixty nine. Neil. Armstrong. Neil. Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are on the face of this lunar body preparing especially made us flag plant on the moon as they're securing the flag in a never ending show of colonization Oh my God something curious happens the flag starts waving in the winds, which is weird because there is no wind on the moon. The Moon essentially does not have an atmosphere meaning. There is nothing to cause old glory to way proudly in a patriotic breeze. That's

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