What Will Become Of TikTok

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Let's see what's the latest on Tiktok no idea. No idea they have now ninety days now forty five days and to figure out what's GonNa Happen and now a lot of people are conversing about whether maybe we should buy tick tock they should take including. Oracle. I don't know why Oracle would want tick tock. Some concern because it wasn't as Tiktok was also a chat application called we chat. That potentially as being banned. In the United States and That concerned a lot of company in fact, according to the Wall Street Journal Apple. Ford Lot of American companies we're on a conference call with President. the week before the Tick Tock. We chat band saying please don't do this. This could really This could really hurt us. Overseas a lot of our business is is in China. the surely there's another way they didn't come up with another way now. Twitter it Oracle and Microsoft trying to figure out even Google apparently. was initially a part of a plan to get a number of US companies to by the US part of TIKTOK. I just have to say I mean China aside and that's of course, a big part of this. The concern there couple concerns about tiktok one that it's spying on us. And I think as an individual or company or a government agency it's completely reasonable for you to say yeah let's talk. Let's You know I took it off my phone. I'm not so much worried about the spying part. If I were a Chinese citizen in the US. I. Might might be much more concerned I don't think China really. Cares much about who I am and I don't think they get a lot of information for TIKTOK. There's maybe a more serious concern though the propaganda benefit of tiktok. If you watch a lot of tiktok videos just as if you watch a lot of youtube videos. the program itself. The Algorithm as we call it adjusts as you watch the goal for at least for Youtube is to get you to watch more. I think it's the same for to talk to get you to watch more. So they watch they look they. Automatically see what you spend time watching and they try to give you more of that. And as we've seen on youtube economic, that can have a negative effect. On facebook is another company that does this facebook. Does that with their news feed, you know that that middle of the Middle Column of your facebook page. What's on there? It's not what you might think. One. Would assume well, everybody I follow all my friends and family and the people I care about the groups member of that's what's there no. No only some of that is there because the algorithm does the same thing watches what you look at, which is where you spend time with what you click and says, let's give her more of that and so it's That's that's kind of how that's the secret sauce of most of these systems technology systems, the recommendation engines. And there's all sorts of potential problems with that in the case of Youtube issues of it promoting extremist. Videos because it turns out. extremist. Right for better for evil you you watch more of the more extreme stuff. So if you watch A channel. or a video about vegetarianism it's likely that you'll get a eventually of videos about veganism. which may get you to v Videos about Peter and which might get you to videos about extremism in supportive animals, rights, and things like that. And it goes in various directions and we know this we've seen this researches proven. Yeah. That's that's pretty much what it does. So the fear with Tiktok might be that for instance, the Chinese government might say, Hey, this is a great avenue to influence American public opinion. Why don't we start modifying? Why don't we start modifying the algorithm so that it promotes our point of view political point of view and we can subtly. Gradually influence the American, mind? Oh, that's an interesting idea.

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