Episode 142 - John Barklow

Cleared Hot


That's it. We're through the business side of the house. My guest. Today is longtime friend. John Barclay I say longtime friend, but we spent probably fifteen years not communicating with each other not by choice or intent, but because we were on different sides. When we weren't I was GONNA save the world, but we really weren't we were just geographically separated. So John is the big game product manager for city, which is the brand of camouflage that I wear when I go hunting to see guys. No, I don't have official relationship with sicker I just love John An loved the product that they make. They're actually based in Bozeman, which is another plus in their category for me. Prior, to his position there though John for twenty six years in the United States navy as a diver. Most of that time attached to and working with the special operations community, and if you're curious more about that, go back to episode thirty five, that was initial intro to the podcast. Spent a lot of that time working up in Kodiak teaching cold weather training. To all of the seal candidates in their initial pipeline to the community. An avid bow hunter, an outdoorsman skier not gonNA hold that against him because obviously he should be snowboarding but a wealth of knowledge a rock climber. It's ridiculous. Actually is a renaissance man of skills, and here he is again hope you enjoy episode one, forty, two with the man himself. John Barclay. Smoke. North. Hulk. Smoke I'm looking at danger close now. include. Where should we begin as your phone off with start with Mayo phones? All right doesn't have to be off bill. Let's put it on the airplane airplane mode your I mean we might as well start with your social media presence in prowess I would describe as. Less than a year ago though let's let's let's lay the scene here less than a year ago. Me and Nelson were at your house. Hypothetically. His name's Nelson could be a made up character were at your house you months ago. Yeah. Your social media presence at that time was. One picture on instagram that you would rotate through generally involving a cat, a cat meka cat because you are the Catman I am and now. You have a booming social media presence. You're doing videos you're actually uploading content. Do Tell what happened. also talking to the microphone Kovic happened. Swing. In front of you, you can do whatever you want to. It's. Yeah covert happen. So willing to before right. Well So. Let me that would be missing out on a lot. I hang around with people like yourself and Dudley and. Some people like right Rockstar. Yeah. So obviously have watched you guys. And Because I would have no interaction with anybody. You know if I weren't one round you guys so but anyways, I've seen it so. Cova happen. I had a little more time on my hands I'm working from home and I won't go into all the gory details, but a series of events were unfolding on social media that. You're taking me I account before that you had it. So you could watch other people I got an instagram account and twenty fifteen purely for the work I do at sicker. So I could follow other people I could vet other people I could see what was going on in the industry how social interaction was happening in a campaign from somebody or a product. The view, the comments it was purely for work like I had never any intention of ever doing anything, and so literally for years I made fun of Instagram and not saying I still don't make fun of Instagram and so. That was the that was the cat picture, and then you know it was like okay which became a Mug a yet accustomed well yeah. Because became a Christmas gift which became an archery released select John. He

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