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Experiment, and then micro out of it, or they might have another grounding event happened like to go to work or school, and then they just kind of move on from it. Others will have a problem with drugs and alcohol deal continue to use it and the escalate escalating drug and alcohol use, and then it gets out of hand 'cause after a prolonged period of exposure at changes the brain there's well established brain imaging changes that are. Repeatable reproducible, and well established undocumented with people with addiction, and so you'll have people that will have those risk factors that will like that that there are more likely to develop an addiction. So the respect that I mentioned before like a pre existing history, mental health drugs and alcohol, themselves will induce mental health problems. So you have people that have a history of anxiety and depression or a history of trauma or just have more of an impulsive personality. Impulsive and compulsive personality or some other issue that predispose them to having drug and alcohol problem, and then they use drugs and alcohol, and then it's it just kind of a cycle vicious cycle from there. But then you also have drugs and alcohol themselves. Let's say some doesn't have a pre existing any of that. Drugs and alcohol because they. Just throw off the balance of your brain chemistry will induce anxiety depression, and then you use more drugs to deal with things I for drugs and alcohol butch in situations that will. Put you at risk of traumatic situations just. With, with you know with the situation of being drugs and alcohol making poor decisions being in dangerous environments so and so forth. So you still there are those risk factors that lead to people using drugs and alcohol namely Your mental health you have access to drugs and alcohol You have people that. Cultural expectations of drugs and alcohol. A lot of it is related to your peer group as well. So if you look at children or youth or emerging adults, young adults a lot of risk factors are around. People's pure groups and support groups. And so. People who have peers that are using drugs and alcohol are much higher risk of using drugs and alcohol themselves, and also developing that into an addiction as well. So is is is marijuana. A respecter and the reason on that is because that's a good way to assess kind of the. Health the he'd had the goodness of of marijuana because right now, I'm in Washington state in, which is like leading edge of marijuana use in the US and making legalization you drive down the main street here you see billboards, Galore, and then out. The Democrat you're kind of like. Asked to be legalization in a sense it's kind of like You know that's kind of the on the on the democratic Yeah Exactly. So I'm I'm really curious like is marijuana a risk factor in what's as a as a professional as Muslim? What's your? What's your take on marijuana in terms of the risk there? So I I don't smoke marijuana, Joma,

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