Detroit Lions cancel practice to speak out against Jacob Blake shooting

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The Lions canceled practice today to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake. Cell Phone video showed Blake was shot multiple times in the back by Wisconsin. Police his father says he's paralyzed from the waist down today. Instead of practicing the Lions chose to address reporters as a team in front of their building to deliver a message that they will be part of the change in the United States against police brutality. Here's quarterback Matthew Stafford on what the day meant to him. No football was talked about We were brought together and coach just open the floor. We knew they were going to be guys in there. That had heavy hearts and guys that had similar situations or close calls that have happened to them and needed to get it off their chest and and those conversations lasted for hours and it was incredible to part of just like it was all spring. but it was the first time that. You know we've we've really dedicated a chunk of time to talk about it when we're all in the building together you know we understand it about America and about. People in miracle is that. A narrative king, Carnegie shifty. We understand this sacrifice. You know. You might step on toes you might have some feathers but. In, order for change to happen or something to happen you know someone has to be uncomfortable in you. Know I think everyone inside these walls understand that understand what is going to come with the lasted make them with. A powerful statement from the Lions Today Marc Spears Dan Orlovsky Munich here on nfl live Marcus as you saw this unfolding just hours ago. What's your reaction? Is Important in looked the whole monographs stick to sports. Athletes in activism. The things that we talk about this is no longer a land that you draw and I know everybody likes to run and huddle away and say sports is supposed to be a refuge and let's just do sports and don't worry about these things going on what people have to understand is these situations affect the sportsman, the guys that are actually playing the Games. These are real life scenarios that they live through and I thought what Matt Staffer said was so important to listen to the stories of guys that have been through these types of situations before and have feared and the things that they express. So I think what the lines are are doing is admirable. It totally makes sense for the stick to sports crowd. Look you're no longer living in that generation. These guys have voices they want to use them to make us all better and I think everybody should attach themselves to that and applaud that as opposed to trying to find reasons why they should just play ball and not worry about the things that are happening in their communities.

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