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Welcomed episode fifty six of the functional tennis podcast I'm Fabio. Malate your host this week. I speak Don Kiernan a former pro who sit up a great academy in Sodo Grand The in Spain this episode we split into two shows this week. We'll talk about how don got into tennis winning around the Wimbledon and his road to open the Soda Tennis Academy as well as an in depth. Look into life at the academy next week. Week we'll be back with Don. Thomas how used the covert pandemic as an opportunity grow worldwide, and we also took deeply mental health issues in tennis, it or podcast sponsors head on. If you're on twitter, please give us a follow over at Funk tennis. That's F.. U.. N. C. Tennis. We have restarted our twitter account on. Want to be more active over there, and it's a great way to connect witter listeners. Okay, that's get started. Hi Don Williams Functional Tennis Podcast Bobbio. Thanks. Thanks for having me. It's been a while I've been wanting to get you on. For various reasons, one being of no from Soda Tenths Academy Long Before I started functional tennis true. My pile and you're in another lsu alumni like yourself. James Clusky did a bit of training. What you over there at the lots right I mean not not going back. Somebody's Fabio but. Yet James would come out. You know every now and then and actually back in the day. Liam broady and I'm sure James Old. Thank me for this story. He actually beat tweeted a physical testing and he beat Liam broady in the sprints. And he's ever let Liam from at down. You know so the the good old days and Diaries players over the as well the connection speed strong I. Don't believe I don't believe Clusky WanNa Erase. We have a video someone. The archives I think it was potentially down to Liam Brody's lack of effort a little bit, but but hey, at the end of the day still. On the day And Liam GonNa have time for it ever. Since that's for sure, you find that you got to send that to me to. Also we have a top academies, a list on functional tennis and we just don't WanNa ride. A best top academies are Sotos entered. That will enter that list. When this podcast is live, you'll be on that list, so it's great to speak to the founder onto the main man who's who said up the academy, and that's why I want to this podcast as As well, we've done it with a few of their economies on. It's great, and it just gives listeners a better insight into the Academy Rotterdam. Some information you send me how far from the airport all that SORTA stuff so to speak and get your values on C.. Bit More in depth had the academy Ron's I I really appreciate that Fabio naught, and any you know any supports categories like ourselves can get from from platforms like yourself is is is massively appreciated. You know and. On. All questions on on any topic as honestly as possible. So anything you want to know about the academy we can, we can. We can get into the detail Shuba Great. That's fantastic and. Is a no German covert has been tougher. All academies coaches players for everybody every line of business, but I think you've handled it really well. You've been really progressive. and. You've been really busy I heard. You say you haven't been off. Have Not Day off and fourteen weeks like that since went is covert, really started and I want to hear more Beth data. What worked for you? What didn't work about you and how I fade? You'RE GONNA commander. This stronger than you did going into it, which is not the case for everybody, so be great to get some insight into that the obsolete. It's been a fina testing challenge. Challenge in time I think the everybody globally in offset it on a couple of our podcasts. It's almost that I think that's helped us all little bit that everybody's in the same boat you know. I think is been a there's been a connection that people have made through this pandemic and I always a big believer. The adversity says a lot you know, says a lot about tennis. Pledges says a lot about people I have to admit I had a brilliant. Brilliant team over the last few weeks you know. I sometimes get some of the praise for the initiatives, but there's a law. Grad people behind me that doing the work and work and extremely hard, while so feel very fortunate and feel feel very connected to my team and brought us closer together, and you know like like you said I. Hope a law because things will come out of this as well.

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