Even Amazon Prime Day had to bow down to the pressures of coronavirus

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Would means longtime daily charged contributor and Amazon expert. Ben Fox Ruben welcome bent. Hello, so there are a lot of things to get to as always a busy time for Amazon, but let's start with Prime Day yesterday. dake firmed a delay. We technically were supposed to be knee deep in deals right now. So what happened Krona happen? Coronavirus happen to everything this year, and it's actually a little surprising that they took this long to confirm something that everybody already knew was happening. There were rumors swirling for months. The Prime Day was. was going to be delayed because of coronavirus. At first there were rumors. I think they were coming from the Wall Street Journal that it was going to be pushed to September and then business insider more recently, said guess what it's actually going to be October now. It probably will be October because if they delay it any further than that. You're getting into Thanksgiving late. November! Maybe they're going to do that. It's possible that they do that and they just make prime day like a couple of days during the holiday selling season. But. It's a different year for Brian Day. Just like it's a different year for just about everything. And that's an interesting question terms of the timing of this event because. Yet do they just clump it together with the rest of the holiday shopping season two? They have own separate thing. I'm curious how many shopping bonanza vents. The consumer is actually willing to tolerate especially in this condition. Okay, so they've already failed in the General Prime Day mission, which is a summer sale when the summer is usually a relatively slow time in retail. That's not going to happen anymore. That's over. Usually. They announced Prime Day in late June, and then they hold it in mid-july. We're already and later July. So that's that's not going to happen anymore. It's also a great question that you mentioned that like. The sales bonanzas and big summer sales or any sale whatsoever. Can come off as tone-deaf during coronavirus because people are getting sick. People are losing their jobs I. Don't need to tell you what's happening. You know it's terrible so encouraging people to buy a Roomba. That's not so great. One Way to do it, which could work would be to encourage people to go shopping, because it helps small and medium-sized businesses which sell on Amazon. They do that a lot already. Maybe it would work this time. I'm sure they're gonNA. Try to emphasize that but. People are trying to save as much money as they can. So I I. Don't know how successful Prime Day will be, and it's obviously they're gonNA have to thread the needle here as far as what tone they said, that's proper and actually did hold serve a quiet stealth event earlier this summer. They held a fashion centric sale I. Don't know if you've got any read on. How well that's done! No! No I haven-, which means that are probably didn't do that. While usually Amazon likes to promote how their sales do with these vague metrics. They didn't even provide those the reason they did. The fashion centric thing was because people really aren't buying a lot of close other than Pajama Pants and sweat pants, so maybe we can try to convince you to get a blazer. It's thirty or forty percent off. I don't think people are doing that I'm certainly not doing that so I don't I don't really know whether it was successful or not by. I don't I. Don't believe it was in the end. They downplayed it pretty significantly. Because of the reasons, we mentioned

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