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Welcome back to the outcomes racket Sal Marquez is here and today I have the privilege of hosting of San ant- name Mola she's an accomplished healthcare executive and investment banker shows currently an executive in residence at plug and play the world's largest early stage, VC Fund and corporate accelerator. She's also the managing partner of Zen partners an investment banking firm based in Palo, Alto and New York covering the next generation of health TECH COMPANIES OF WE'RE GONNA be diving into innovation and healthcare. Venture. Capital and I'm so privileged to have of Santa here with us of sonnet. Thanks so much for joining pleasure so Asana. You know you do some fascinating work in in healthcare and will dive into that the venture front, but before we do, would love to hear more about what inspires your work and healthcare, you know I've been on investment banker on a strategy advisor for over thirty years on I started my career in technology, so I come to healthcare with A. Fairly deep knowledge of what I call Horizontal Technology on about twenty years ago. Honestly I fell into healthcare. Just doing couple of deals, I'm then longside got you know the dynamics of the industry? was you know no looking back and I got heavily involved. On really started focusing on on the industry, and really for three three main reasons one is. You know, it is the largest industry in our economy. It's eighteen percent of our economy. It's the only industry that directly impacts every human being in our country. I'm probably most him personally an industry that despite his side. Is Social Impact. Is! Probably still to this day way behind. For example Fintech on some other technology, so it's an industry that. Really need. In my opinion innovation and it was really true technology bad. We can bend the cost curve so I said well. I have some good tech background. I love the industry. And it was almost like a calling I said that's how I'm going to get involved with this How Technology and make sure that I focused on. Sectors of the. Industry that could bend the cost curve. I love it. I love it, you you sort of just accidentally through a couple deals guide involved. Then strategically said. This is a good fit and the impacts big. So, let's let's roll up our sleeves. Yeah. I love it, and and so and so now you know your your role as managing partner of Zen Partners and executive in residence at logging play, you're seeing a lot of main stage work happening and so companies coming up with new ideas and businesses succeeding businesses failing you know. What would you say you? Guys are up to and really I. Guess, where should we focus you know? Should we focus on fly, play or Zen partners or more? I can't. We can touch base on both really there come with interchangeable so you know as an Investment Bank banker I've done about fifteen mergers and acquisitions transactions I was raised over twelve billion dollars or capital two. I feel private placement. Offering equity offering. You know when you do so many deals on you. You know I've met fell thousands of CEO's on thousands of companies over my thirty some year career. You've developed what I call an experiential intuition You know a pattern recognition, so what the reason when I moved to Silicon Valley three years ago from New York. Play. Invited me to become an E. R. and I was like okay. I don't have a lot of early stage experience, but I know a lot about healthcare and I know a lot about. Next Generation Technologies, and the opportunity afforded me listening to pitches like twenty thirty pitchers month. Of different companies, addressing different parts of healthcare, and then you know, it's been three and a half years now and when I wouldn't yards do the plug and play. We do really two things one is we help the five different venture funds that we have pick investment. And more importantly we take some of those mid stage for me. It's most of the early to mid stage company. We take it under our wing Ers. We work with founding teams on. From product strategy go to market strategy channel strategy and help them. We articulate their value proposition because especially the first time founders. They are sitting on a great technology, but I would say a good eighty percent of them. Do Not Know How to articulate the value.

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