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Are Seven billion people in the world. We all have one thing in common. Every day. We all get dressed. Welcome to trust the history of fashion podcasts where we explore the WHO when of why we wear, we are fashion, historians and your host April Kellyanne. Cassidy sacree so dress listeners, please accept this interruption to our regularly scheduled fashion history mystery, because we are bringing you a very special interview with the costume designer behind one of the most iconic fashion films of all time and April, as you know my personal, favorite clueless, which just this past Tuesday July nineteenth turned twenty five years old. And I have to say you guys. You all know someone who's very excited about this. Today we are joined by Mona, May, whose prolific career in film and television spans over three decades, clueless might be Mona's most famous film, but her work includes also rummy. Michele's high school reunion never been kissed a night at the Roxbury haunted mansion, and really the list just goes on and on. And April listeners please excuse me while I full on fan girl out because I mean I don't even know where to start, but my admiration and awe of Mona make goes back decades and is really threefold. I have seen clueless. Over one hundred times. At least an I can quote it from beginning to end I know there's a lot of people who were there with me, and then there's this added layer of me being costume designer myself. But also a fashion film lover I mean from Azzedine. Alaya to Calvin. Klein to that unforgettable yellow plaid suit clueless a fashion levers, dream and one that still resonates to this very day cast. You are not alone in your excitement for today's guests, so let's get to it Mona. Welcome dressed Mona. We are talking to you this week in celebration of the twenty fifth anniversary. Anniversary of one of the most iconic fashion flicks ever clueless, which debuted twenty five years ago this past Tuesday and which you, as a costume designer played such a central part. You and your work is currently getting so much well deserved attention. Yes, I'm really happy. I'm just you know. I'm just kind of flying high on all the kalisz diversity and you has been. I mean. My instagram is blowing up. which is so cool, you know it's funny because it's people are discovering ym in the weird way. God washrooms. Are you did that Enron Michelle and never been kissed and wedding singer? You know so like Sh-. The lavas pouring and it's so nice I mean the numbers are jumping up and it's just really great to you. Know we as cautioned designers, we are behind the scenes, and nobody really knows what our job really titles I think. It's kind of hard. You know what war goes into it in the preparation, and really all the creativity that has really come from Ma to create these characters from pages of the script they. They really just kind of very vaguely are described to us, and we really have to kind of be the psychologists kind of like a you know a detective to find out who they are deeply. You know their psychology were they went to. School may be no place in live there in right now and you know where they shop apartment they have you know once their journey right now in the film you know. Article to character to you know so. It's really a lot of lot of details that goes into. People don't really understand you know I think it's. It's one of a mysterious job in the way Oh. Yeah, absolutely so I. Mean You said you're making the rounds? You're all over vogue. You're all over instagram. People are are recreating favorite clueless moments. And I mean what does it feel like to have been part of a film that is still so much a part of pop culture even to this day after two decades it still so fresh and so relevant, and so loved is incredible I mean it's truly it's like A. One lifetime situation lighting that one can have that that something. Do you do out of love? You know because you don't set up to do the best session film of the universe but right. Thing, you know you, you I mean I. Am at fashion designer from training, and then I got into the question. Quebec doorway, and you know when I met amy on the pilot pilot and get picked up tablet. We creatively just connected so strongly. She loved it I was in Europe. I grew up in Europe. Seven different point of view fashion more European, and that's what the film needed. So when she wrote she called me, said the girl. I really want you to do this. To bring something so fresh and fashion forward something that's not on the street. Because of the time it was all grunge. She knows all everybody was wearing their. PLATIN- Baggy Pants, and was oh. Kurt Cobain Nirvana and of fashions in the street, so those nothing to go from everything had to be invented, not taken from the runways Paris Amina Milan share. Would the only probably daddy flew her there? She probably had the tickets in the on the day and was able to know things that she liked then everything had to be translated into the high school. Because you know amy is director of the night. I want this to be very useful, very. Very very sweet, very feminine. You know girly and that's kind of what we are changing from French fashion. Forward. Of course, it had to felt high school's head to sell their young girls because they had to feel pick, and I think part of the love for this film to the, even though they're a high fashion, and that is amazing of funded. As they felt authentic, the they really were beloved in the end that you knew who share was nearly the aunt was and out of. That feeling that emotional feeling thing, and that's why the film has lived so long because it's such emotional connection that people have to film you know with the fashion with kind of making you feel good. You know talking with a friend the other day like where does movies? We need more of those you know. The never been kissed. Michelle held to lose a guy in ten days. Almost fun movies. Movies that which none of watch and feel good, and it's okay, and it's a little bit of mystery and fun, and and Automo-. I miss those movies. You know I will miss those yeah,

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