Washington, DC's NFL Team Going Without a Nickname for Now


One NFL known We all heard that the Washington NFL team. Ah, abandon their nickname after all these years and all the political pressure Ah, things came together here in 2020 and they decided to move on from their nickname I moved on from me years ago. And I may have mistake once or twice over the last four or five years. Use that nickname, but generally I referred to them as Washington NFL team with Washington football team. That's what they're going to go with here in 2020 It will be known as the Lion Ashington football team. This to me is terrible planning in terrible management and anybody who follows sports. It all knows that Daniel Snyder's been one of the words stoners in sports. Over the last 10 years. You know you got Donald Sterling. He's out of the embassy. There are others that come to mind. But he's been terrible. And there have been protests for years and years and years, And you would think someone around Snyder Or even Daniel Snyder. You think you know, At some point we should have a plan B because at some point something's gonna happen in the world and we're going to be forced to drop our nickname even though he was adamant he never would. But here we are. And they didn't have a plan B. Absolutely amazing to me. Now, Chris, you brought up a great point. I think it's worth giving you a ton of credit for this. I'm going to put out branded merchandise. You know, they will. That will just say Washington football team. And they're probably going to sell a ton of it. And that stuff will be collector's items when they settle on a new nickname, so One way or another. NFL teams figure out a way to make money and they're probably going to make a money or make money. I'm just being called Washington football team what their helmets will look like What Mogo they use. I have no idea. This is just This is really interesting.

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