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Hello everyone and welcome in use the Gui pre can recap. Going For the week of July Twenty, twenty, two one before it happens. My Name is Bruce let's start with G. Y. Pick the week. Actually I'm going to hold off on the pick of the week until we get to one more thing, you'll understand why in just a few minutes. For TV pages on Monday e has the premiere of hoarders and intervention. Nat Go has when sharks attack. This is the beginning of Shark Week. For Tuesday CBS has finale of game on Wednesday. Nothing Thursday NBC has the finale of Blindspot Fox has the finale of celebrity, Watch party and TBS has the premiere of lost resort on Friday CBS has the premiere of greatest at home videos. Because why not and paramount has been MMA live for Saturday. Hbo Has Premiere of Motherless Brooklyn amfar Sunday. Sifi has the premiere of wine owner URP for DVD's coming out this week. You've got scoop and capone for on Line Services Net flicks. You Have Jake Whitehall I'm only joking on the spectrum season. One St Food Latin America season, one fear city, New York versus the media season one. Sing on Spain season one offering to the storm. And the kissing booth to for Amazon Prime. You've got Jim. Pale tourist and radioactive. We've got no video games coming out this week, but we do have episodes of G. Y. coming out this week. At least things on the Gui network. Just go to Gyi. PODCAST DOT COM and check out and see what we've got for one more thing. For the first time in fifty years, Kahn or were forced to make a heartbreaking decision to cancel the annual celebration of comics and pop culture soon after the cancellation, they announced an online version set to launch July, twenty second, the official start date of the originally scheduled convention. The virtual event will exist on comic, Dash Con Dot Org, which is their website starting at nine am Pacific daylight time on Wednesday July twenty second this will transform to comic con at home. The redesign web page will be the means for all participants to access programming, online exhibit halls and various interactive events. Join the fun is the Comic Con Museum which has been long-planned an interactive component They began offering activities through comic Con Museum at home earlier this summer, and will continue through comic con at home weekend, and beyond Youtube will host over three hundred and fifty panels in programming as well as the twenty twenty Eisner Awards, the Online Exhibit Hall With Approximately Seven Hundred Exhibitors, and for fans of those gaming, those activities will be on the discord platform. COMECON will also be offering an online version of their souvenir. Book will be available for free. DOWNLOADABLE PDF starting on Wednesday July, twenty second, the two hundred sixty page book contains new art articles, celebrating various industries, including the one hundredth birthday of Ray, Bradbury and Ray Harry Hausen. This is the way you can celebrate San Diego Comic Con with outstanding all day in line to get into hall, age or the overabundance of CON funk.

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