Samsung Announces the Galaxy Z Flip 5G

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Hey remember foldable phones. Actually before we get to that, remember phone announcements full. Stop Well. Get ready because we're entering phone. Announce season soon. Actually. Maybe it's kicking off today. Because Samsung has announced the galaxy Z. Flip Five G. available on at and T. and T. mobile here in the US shipping August seventh, all four around fourteen hundred and fifty dollars, quoting the verge, the phone is nearly identical to its four g predecessor. The major changes include the five G. Radios, a slightly upgraded snapdragon, eight, sixty, five plus processor and the price. It's fourteen hundred and. And forty nine dollars ninety nine cents. That's a seventy dollar premium over the four G. version, which Samsung says, we'll stick around at the same price. Samsung is probably smart not to change the formula up too much on the flip. Maybe IT'S SAVING ITS R&D efforts for the Galaxy fold to that device is rumored to be coming soon. As are a bunch of other Samsung devices like the note, twenty ultra and new Galaxy Buds

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