Chicago Public Schools proposes hybrid of online and in-person classes for fall


Mayor and the Chicago Public Schools CEO of outlined the evolving plan. For schools in the fall. CPS is using what's known as the hybrid model in which students will be at home more than in class CEO Janice Jackson says K through 10 students will split time between in class and at home, and juniors and seniors will be home most of the time if a student is scheduled to learn in person on any given day before they even leave their home. They will be required to complete a health screener. We will stagger start times to minimize contact. Students will be assigned to pots or groups with no more than 15 students at a tie in these parts will stay together. Teachers and students will be required to wear a mask all day. Parents will have several chances to weigh in on the plan, and teachers are already on record opposing a return to class. The commissioner of Public Health, says the virus will dictate how this works. My Krauser News Radio, 105.9

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