The Benefits of Vitamin B6

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Michael McCaffrey. So she wants a topic for this week. This week, we are talking about the benefits of Vitamin B. Six interesting. Yeah, I know there are eight different b-vitamins, but they each have they worked together as a group, but then they each have their own unique role in the body. So vitamin B. Six is one. Of those vitamins that is very crucial in the functioning of our immune systems It's it's important for the production of red blood cells, which is haemoglobin. It works in our liver to help us detoxify things and it's also important for our brain neurotransmitters in the brain. So it's a very important vitamins. Today wanted to talk about some of its benefits in its food sources. Right let's dig into this vitamin B. Six yeah. So how many bees are there? There are actually eight different B vitamins. Okay. So here comes a layman's question share there are. Many many other letters of the alphabet. Why are they? All these crammed into be? Is there a purpose for that as some kind of scientific thing for that or no? Well this is a good question. If we go all the way back to you know how vitamins were first discovered and then kind of isolated in the foods they they came up with You know like the first one was a so yeah we're using letters as the names for these vitamins and we're logical to me. But what happened with the bees was that I thought there was only one th one type of nutrient that was. A B. Vitamin and B vitamins have the. Distinct role in the body of helping to convert our macro nutrients and energy. So like it's it's what helps turn our carbs in our fat and proteins into energy within ourselves. Pretty important. So so it was I. thought that there was only one of those that did that and later it was discovered that there are more related ones relate and so they started nate numbering them you know one, two, three. Okay or What's really interesting is there's there's an today we know that there are eight different numbered. B.. Vitamins but they don't go in order like really weird. It's like you got be one B two and b three but then there's no vitamin B four and then it's b five and B six and b seven but no eight and there's nine but no ten or eleven, and then there's a twelve do they relate to something? Important or or or are they all over the place? Oh, well, they like I said, they work as a group all involved in energy production within the body but then they also have other roles like individually. So for an and so what happened with the numbering of the bees is just you know to fill fill out that story is that some of those ones like vitamin B. Four in vitamin B., not I'm I'm sorry V. Ten. Or Eleven th. It was later discovered that those were they were compounds that are needed in the body, but they're not necessarily a vitamin. So vitamins have a very specific definition that they Our Body can't make them on its own until we have to get them from foods and those particular compounds that were originally thought to be a vitamin and had been given a number for a be vitamin were later found that they actually are not. not necessarily only needed to be derived by foods at our body can actually make them on its own from other materials, and so they were you know no longer called vitamin before vitamin B. Ten and eleven. So they have different names vitamin before is now called Choline Oh shall. Be Four. But then it's not a vitamin because it's right. Exactly. So yeah very interesting. Little Vitamin B eight is now known as Inositol. which is a compound that it our body can make on its own. We can get it from foods as well, but it's just not considered a vitamin anymore or what about vitamin D? Vitamin D. now, that's an interesting one because yes, we can make it within our body completely completely within our bodies. So that's an interesting one because there is controversy around that whether is this actually a vitamin or is it hormone right? Because it has hormone like activity? So I am like The rabbit. Right. So anyway, tell us about vitamin B. Six. So Vitamin B. Six is if important, you know like I said in in energy production within the body, but it has these other roles and some of those roles are You know detoxification but specifically, the brain functioning this is really important because it's involved in the production of several different neurotransmitters in the brain Namely Dopamine Serotonin and something called Gaba is G. A. B. A. but that stands for Gamma buroric acid and these all require vitamin B. six in order to be formed in the brain. There they all help

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