September 11 Memorial Service Held Near Shanksville, Pennsylvania


Bells ringing near Shanksville, Pennsylvania for each of the 40 people on United Flight 93. 19 years after they fought back on 9 11 on that September morning when America was under attack, the battle turned in this guy's above this field President Trump a memorial they confronted the pure evil. And in their last act on this earth They saved our capital where it's believed the plane was headed is Democratic Challenger Joe Biden will also visit the Shanksville Memorial have to go into ground zero in New York, where two planes brought down the twin towers. My cousin firefighter David do Rubio. He was one of the nearly 3000 people murdered that day. Every name read aloud your sacrifices on that day. Will not be forgotten. There was also a ceremony at the Pentagon, where a third hijacked plane it's on 9 11. They tried to destroy us. But their murderous intent was never realized. Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Millie says in the war on terror since 6000 American troops have died. The

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