Of a school year kind of our back to school series today I, just really WanNa talk about helping your teen focus on their homework and when I share three tips because according to the act research students who spend less than six hours per week at home during homework are nearly twice as likely to be low achievers. Than students who are considered high achievers so I JUST WANNA share to some practical ways to help your students succeed and you know again, it's going to be a little bit more challenging but they either just general ideas and this is really important because what students often don't realize is that when they're applying for college in the fall of their senior year, schools are looking back grades in their ninth tenth and Eleventh Grade Year. So those first three years of critical you know. So you really need to think of it as sort of you know the Kind of the on ramp where they should either maintain their grades or improve their grades and having a plan in place to do that will make all the difference. So tip number one really say clear goals and expectations What are the expectations? For each class. you know and began to discuss those with your student in terms of you know what needs to be done when taking a look at over a big projects getting those on your calendar. And having a discussion around what's a typical amount of homework each night I would say sit down and really talk about it and carve out a schedule to make sure that your student is doing their homework and maintaining a a study schedule specially if again, if they're in their junior year and they had their psat coming up in October. You know that's another element that they're adding on top of their regular homework. Number two I would say set up a proper study area. So to really help your student, achieve their goals, they're going to need a place to study. It may be a kitchen table dining room table. but you know, well, let area quiet area. place where there are few distractions or the fewer the better I know can be a little bit difficult especially if some parents are home. But you know having a dedicated space with the supplies that they need to avoid any last-minute trips to the store or Any kind of delays is really helpful. So knowing you know what that study area is going to be what you need, and then having a few things for projects because even in the virtual environment, there are students who will still be required to do project. So get those poster boards, markers, glue sticks, scissors, tape. You know all those things that you're going to need to do those projects and to present them virtually. and. Then the third thing to really help your student focus on homework and doing well would be for you to step in when needed. So. Don't be afraid to step in if they're struggling especially, if they're online I mean it can be very difficult, very challenging and so making making it a point to check in regularly to see how they're doing and maybe scheduling additional time outside of the classroom environment where you may not have needed to do it for particular one of your students but if you need to step been. Definitely step in and what I find some of the ways were students routinely need. The extra support is with time management and study skills. It's really know how to manage their time in this this kind of either virtual space or hybrid, and then study skills just general study skills and these kinds of skills were carry them not just through high school, but into college and beyond. So again, you know if if your students help. Consider getting a tutor or some type of support to help them so that they don't fall behind again I can't stress enough but you know really doing well in the ninth Anthony Eleventh Grade will set them up well for their senior year as applying. For Colleges. It's now time for this week's scholarship tip. Today, scholarship tip I'm going to talk about a scholarship with the due date in the next few days. Now, if you're eligible and you're able to pull off getting it in, it is really worth it and that would be the gates scholarship. So originally was the gates millennium. Scholarship where ran for a ten year cycle, they took a few years off for break and relaunch scholarship, and it's now called the gates scholarship and this link will be in the show notes now if you're a high school. Senior and you meet the eligibility requirements by all means work to get it in if you're a junior and a sophomore and you meet the eligibility requirements other than being a high school senior, then you want to look ahead and make sure you're keeping this on your radar because it is a very generous scholarship. So it fully funds the cost of attendance as not already covered by other financial aid by the school, and it also includes the expected family contribution. That's what makes this scholarship so desirable because. It pretty much covers everything what you're you're expected to pay or your family is expected to pay as well as any unmet need that's not covered by a financial aid offered by your school. And financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants not the loans. So it would replace any loans. So this scholarship has always been focused on service is really important to think through your story think through your contributions to society because that is really the main purpose of this scholarship. So of course, you have to be in good academic standing they look for accumulate. GB of three point three on a four point scale you must be a US citizen national or permanent resident. You must be from at least one of the following ethnicities. African American American, Indian Alaskan Native Asian. And Pacific Islander American end or Hispanic American, and you must be pell grant eligible. Again if this scholarship is a good fit by all means, take advantage of applying for it and I'm going to link an episode in the show notes of a past student who actually won this, and he provides a little bit of information about really applying for the gates scholarship. So the ideal candidate for this collar ship will have a high record academic record they're going to be in the top ten percent of their graduating class. And this is the big one you're going to really demonstrate leadership shown through participation in community service, your extracurriculars and other activities, and you're gonNA show a high level, personal motivation, intellectual curiosity, perseverance commitment, just some of those personal success qualities, and that's found through the multiple essays that an applicant would need to write. you can get to this scholarship at www dot, the gates scholarship dot, or so again, if you're eligible, you still have a few days to apply go ahead and get that scholarship application in, and if you're not a high school senior and you do meet the eligibility requirements in the future in your senior year, then chat tech. Go ahead and take a look at it so that you can begin to think through how you can make sure you are strong. academically, you're demonstrating leadership ability and personal success skills. Thank you for listening to this week's episode of the Scholarship Sharp podcast. If you like to reach out to US visit us at thus scholarship shark dot com. So. Join me next week for more tips on college admissions and scholarships.

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