Who Trump kills Black Trump kills


Who Trump kills Black Trump Trump kills people without consequence. Yes. Where is there? No consequences at Taylor's cops that killed her or not arrested Or how is that Trump's fault because he can do something about it. Was that Trump's fault? Because the police don't you dare you around, Turn you around, You know the other sizes defund terrorism in the police for help. Isn't that just the encapsulation of everything we've missed on the insane left? First, they say Donald Trump kills black people. How Because some police officers killed somebody. How's that his fault? Because he could have done something about it. I thought you guys hate government. So now they're supposed to fix things. Donald Trump supposed to fix things for you. But the best When they cool out that girl. Let's say police help us, please. She's harassing us by us. Yes, reasonable questions. As the other side of the blackout, says defund the police blue murderers. So I guess when they're breaking into your house You're not going to die alone. BLM. Yeah, This is definitely 2020. Let's go to your calls. That's gotta mark in Sacramento line to mark. Welcome to America first. Um Hello. Dr. Gorka, are you there? Yes, I am here for the next 40 minutes. OK? I just want to make sure I look, I, uh I got two quick things and I'll get off the phone. One is. I called your program about 3.5 weeks. There's something on and you said you were going to send me Ah. A copy of your book signed and I kind of didn't expect terror. See it, But I got in the mail a month. What? Why did you not expect to receive the book I said we'd sent to you. Well, I got it. And lots of the question. Why did John because I'm shocked. Why did you think you wouldn't get the book? Did you know? Trust Erik to manage to you? Well, I guess I should've

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