Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus: A Big Android tablet


Somewhat interesting announcement was the galaxy. Tab s seven and s seven plus look these leaked. We knew they were coming but now that they're official and their prices and their specs, I I haven't cared about an android tablet really longtime these tablets sound like tablets you might want to care about for the first time in a while they started six hundred, fifty bucks they're not cheap tablets are high end tablets are we're pretty sure they're after I need sixty five's aren't they hundred twenty hurts yeah. Hundred Twenty Hertz refresh rates on their super high rez displays ones and LCD ones that amyloid. There Super Hot. So hundreds again, high-resolution lots of Ram lots of storage quad speakers. They can have five G. View on the run ANDROID ten with Samsung's one you I. HAVE SPF functionality. They look really nice. They're big like what's the smaller one would size display like it's also larger eleven inch yes. Eleven inches, and then the other one's twelve point four like this are huge. These are like many TV's but the accessories like keyboard stands and all that stuff I like attempted to grab one and just play with it I. Just I just don't know that. I believe that Andrey is good at all on tablets still and I just I think that'll probably be the frustrating experience there. Mutt they're coming I think also August twenty first I. Believe they. They finally

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