Trevor Lawrence sparks united #WeWantToPlay movement, players association goal as 2020 season hangs in balance


Let me ask you. You've seen this trending some of the biggest players in college football. Justin Fields, Trevor Laurence. We want to play. We saw Trey Lance at NDS you their quarterback who's going to probably be a top 10 pick. He wants to play. What do you think about the players and certain programs coming out saying Let us play, But yet here we're gonna have the conference is probably cancel it. I'll start with the players. I have a ton of respect for Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields in trail and to be honest for guys to speak out, because those guys probably more so than anyone. That plant on playing college football in 2020. They have the most to lose, right. I mean, I would say they're probably all top 10 picks. I haven't seen anything on Justin feels lately, but I know he's talented as they come. Trevor Laurence and obviously Trey Lance, but You look at those guys to speak out and use their platform for their fellow college athletes. I have a ton of respect for that, but at the same time I don't really agree with them because for two reasons, the 1st 1 being They obviously want to play the same way that I have friends that wanted to have their wedding this summer. I have you know people that want to go on trips and people that want to go visit their parents without fear of Dean, asymptomatic carrier and passing covert along to them, so people want to do a lot of things. That doesn't mean we should or that doesn't mean that we Are allowed to right now because during a global pandemic times are just different. Like I want to hop on a plane and go visit friends. But guess what? I cannot do that right now. At least I should not be doing that right now because it's in the best interest. Or of the general health of myself in the population and those around me, So we're making those sacrifices in college football is not immune to to those things, and at the same time if you're a college athlete I feel like if I was a charge of the College Football Players committee, not that they have one of those, but they had a union or something. I would have waited until the conference schedules said Hey, do you know what we are going to play football this year? And then I would use that as leverage to Seo so are being treated differently than normal students who are all at home doing virtual learning. I feel as if we should be compensated for this. And if they were gonna pay, they should be paid to play because they're essential employees now at this point, right? You have normal student at home taking classes on mine, but you're going to ask the players. To travel to pay rent to live on campus and then you know, go risk their health and their livelihood on the field. That's what in central employees, in fact is, so I don't know. I understand the competitive desire. I feel like I would probably have the same mentality. A 20 Thinking you can't touch me. I want to play college football is my senior year. But at the end of the day, I want to do a lot of things. But much smarter People tell me I shouldn't do those things.

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