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Trying out short stories always your first story when you I mean not so much the first one that you can. Write maintenance sixteen and Seventeen I was reading science fiction I. there's a there's a story called repent Harlequin said the tiktok man by Harlan Ellison and it was in one of those you know world's greatest science fiction's nineteen, sixty, six, nineteen, Sixty, seven is a collection. And I would read those things back and forth I just loved them. I remember sitting in bed. Reading that story again but TIKTOK man story and I thought I could probably do something like this and And went downstairs and got on the Family Commodore Amiga. which had at that point had been just used for defender of the crown and there was you know a pre wordpress or not were pressed but a pre word program that we had on there and I sat down and wrote a story and it was a science fiction story it was absolutely horrible. It was something about trying to be. Satirical without even knowing satire was at that point is trying to be funny without really having a sense of irony or I had it but I didn't know how to portray it online on on the page. Yeah. and I. Remember. It took it took me a couple of hours and finished it. brought. To my girlfriend at the time I said, hey read this she looked at it. She read it kind of is like, what are you like you should keep trying? All right. At least you didn't say stop. Yeah Yeah exactly. Yeah. It was very nice her was there someone in your family because I mean getting into English and you're talking about some of the books that you read and then into writing? was there someone in your family that? Product you towards. Your joy for reading. Would you even define it as a joy for reading because absolute our devour books? Yep well, maybe not as fast as some people but yeah, I am constantly reading Yeah my mother she she got me into reading very very early I I. What I finally decoded everything figured it out. I, brought a stack of my. You know my doctor seuss books down to her while she was watching the. Cable Net. So I think and just started reading to her out loud and and from that point on there was always a there's always book around it was something that I could always retreat to I didn't know it at the time but just personality wise I'm fairly introverted doesn't mean that I don't like people just means I need to have some alone time and that's where I would get it. I could go home. I'd read a Stephen King Book Re. Short Stories I. Got Into. A. Clockwork. Orange. And all those dystopia novels and you could use that to kind of relax and recharge by between her and my brother. My brother was the one who also use like, Hey, you should read this your one flew over the CUCKOO's nest. Now here's a coke orange like I said, hey, did you get the new Stephen King? They would just feed me stuff and then you know there's All over the house and so I just had my pick I just walk around and you know. GonNa re I didn't know Stephen King wrote four books. You pick that one up and move on from there and then start developing your own tastes and and move on. I think you might mention of it. What was your first piece of writing that you handed into someone besides your girlfriend for a critique? That was junior year. and we're supposed to write a fictional story I ended up fictionalized event that. You know that we want to up at my mother's Relatives House up in Jersey and that crashed and burned really really. Well, it's. I was I was up against another kid in class meaning we we've been partners. and. He wrote this amazing piece of course and then and he wrote I of course to read his out loud and then I read mine and it was just frigates. Suddenly found in this as well But he you know go ahead go ahead. Well I. got the feedback that that at the time. I needed you know. Every writer when they go into writing for the first time especially that age you don't know what revision means you don't know really what constructive feedback means, and so that's that's what the teacher is trying to say look it's not going to be perfect. The first time this is a rough draft, and so you get the positive stuff in the negative stuff and you go back and Redo it and I I went back and wrote a different story instead because I was embarrassed and I didn't know how to you know handle that particular situation. But I I, I, put it through three or four drafts, and then my teacher was like, yeah, that's what I'm talking about it. That's that's how you do it, and so you learn from those particular situations. How is your your balance of confidence with your writing even though it needed Some revision is standing there in reading in front of your your classmates, the confidence. Could did you have a balanced with that because personally I remember my first year university might first communications class in my knees were shaking and I was scared forty people in the class I looked at my communication Susan. Shut up. Even. Though I had a paper here in front of me. How was your balance with that? Probably. Mighty pen. Yeah, exactly you know naked in front of the class. Yeah well, that's that's exactly I. I. Don't know if if my voice was shaking, my knees were knocking at that point I? Do Remember one of the things I was trying to make sound. Funny. Did Not come off as funny. and there is just silence and it was that the that feeling in the pit of your stomach in front of your, you know this is an advanced English class eleventh grade and. I was like Oh man I blew it. You know from that point on he's going to. And finishes. Waiting for you to be over. And there's been plenty of those moments too. Yeah exactly especially following the other guy who? It was he was I. think he ended up being the Valedictorian and just he just knew what he was doing at an early age You know. There wasn't any ever like any jealousy of my my half. I was just always like man he's so much better. But that takes humility right like just to say no. That guy's talented. Suppose just recognizing it. Yeah. Recognizing I mean acknowledged that wow, that guy's talented I have some ways to go. Yeah and Also. Just being a nice person but also I think. It wasn't a secret how good he was everybody knew that because he was he was killing across all of the subjects and it was just one of those things I have no idea where this guy came from it he's amazing. and I think he had transferred over freshman year so we didn't know. Nobody knew who why non horses exactly. Wow. You're awesome in everybody's Askar you. Just for you just to realize, okay, you gotta work on it a little bit more and then you'll succeed. Yeah that's why people like that exist. It's it's. A It's what gives you drive sometimes I. I gotta hit that level. So after university, what was your? What was your mission? I was a drummer and punk rock bands and we were touring up and down the east coast playing basements in bars and small clubs, and we recorded a whole bunch of albums and that was what we were trying to do. I did that for about three and a half four years? Yeah. Yeah Absolutely yeah. It in me see in. One of the band's had a few in there even though I did not play guitar if I got a base and I kind of plunked around and figure out what the notes were and showed it to the guys who knew better than me and we fashion. A song out of that, I could I could yell scream. Or sorry y'all sing. With some sort of melody in there, some sort of harmony. Another band was I started getting more confident. Now is a fifty percent songwriter with that group. and then you know, 'cause you hop around from band abandoning. You know they last a year or two so that there was another band you know those those I who were punk rock ish or just rock bands then got into like an old country band where I was a one third singing partner in writing partner. After that, I got kind of got tired of of writing and I just WANNA play drums. I played A. Backup not. WanNa sing right now I, just want to play drums. I'm already doing five things at once and adding in their six so. Let. Me just play drums but yeah, it was it was a Lotta Fun. How much will even bringing up the confidence level? How much was that good for you to be on stage? I mean. Did that add

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