Irish general election: Who is Mary Lou McDonald?


It is easy to overlook. This past February, when citizens of the Republic of Ireland voted in a general election. They voted in unprecedented numbers fishing fine. The party long known as the political wing of the IRA from one, thousand, nine, hundred, three until two, thousand, Eighteen, Shin Feigns President was Gerry. Adams also a long serving senior. IRA commander notwithstanding his long maintained fiction that he was never even a member of the organization shouldn't find will lead into February's election by a new president. Mary. Lou McDonald. This week's guest on the foreign desk. Mary Lou McDonald is also a new kind of Xinfang president having had no involvement with the IRA and hailing from the Republic of Ireland rather than Northern Ireland or as she and other. Irish Republicans prefer to call it the north of Ireland while McDonald clearly represented enough of a break with the IRA to reassure Irish voters who gave Shin finey largest tally of first preference votes. It was not enough to reassure Ireland's of the political parties. The establishment rivals of fina foil and Finna Gale agreed an unprecedented coalition to keep Shin Fain out of government and thereby confine McDonald's ambitions for the moment at least two leading the

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