Metallica Hits the Stage for First Show of 2020, at the Drive-In


Returning to the stage for the first time since September of Twenty nineteen, it's an all new exclusive concert. The will. Air August. Twenty ninth one night only at several drive in theaters in our area tickets will go on sale this Friday. August fourteenth ticketmaster dot. COM At noon. METALLICA. The first band to be featured in the encore drive in night series of concerts filmed exclusively for drive in theaters, bands, GonNa play a full set of their classics and have some surprises as well. So this is going to go down as a pretty unique and memorable metallica. Every ticket purchased admits one carload of up to six people and will include four digital downloads of METALLICA's M. to. That's the long awaited album documenting the two historic concerts. They reunited the band and The San Francisco symphony with for the first time in twenty years sm to set to be released August twenty eight.

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