This Is Nathan MacKinnon's Time To Shine

The Lead


Serene how do you begin to describe the talents of Nathan MacKinnon twitter every he scores I tweet Nathan Raven kid in the first of his name, the war in Nova Scotia the protector of the Rocky Mountains is essentially a federal offence on. Skates. Kit of the Minnesota gophers. Advocate. Say Lock. Oh. Goodness gracious everything. He does he does at full speed all the time yet know the panther likes. Scars, my goodness Nathan MacKinnon in an electrifying all tied the game at true has this raw speed that it's really him connor mcdavid in terms of being on that level there's pace and then the kid. But what you're seeing from him now's you're this sort of physical presence where he's checking he's hitting I mean he got into a fight with Christian Fisher who's not exactly a small person in his own, right? Now, we're going to get some off stuff that was McKinnon handled. His Own Macanas is the big strong powerful man not only that you're seeing him play defense to a point where shared Bednarz said this morning look I believe that Mckinnon could be a Selke Anna Heart candidate with the way he's been performing Taiwan what? All you need to know about Nathan MacKinnon. Games back. Thirty six. Believable. And it just goes back to what his modus operandi is, which is to be the best player imaginable because he's so driven in that regard honors that there are times in practices where someone gets the best of him, he will accuse them of cheating when it's no Nathan, you just can't win every play all the time he's like no, but it's cheating. It's this and it's that and guys laugh at this because they just know how driven he is

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