Massive fire engulfs plastics factory near Dallas, could burn for days


Firefighters gain the upper hand on a massive fire at a plastics factory in Grand Prayer. Ince are oldies Andrew Greenstein has the latest It took more than 16 hours, but firefighters have contained the massive blaze at the Poly America Plastics Factory here in Grand Prairie. Grand Prairie Fire is saying that the fire should be completely extinguished tonight. Now what time's thick black toxic smoke was billowing from the building. Brian McGovern, with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, says there is no concern in the immediate vicinity seek. You have not detected any immediate health concerns at ground level. One thing that does remain concerning, however, is the fate of a pair of adjacent electrical towers early this afternoon, officials said, their collapse was imminent. But right now they are still standing. But if they do come down, they will bring several power lines down with them.

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