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Welcome listeners. This is sound. Only I'm Justin charity and I Mike Peters where your sound only co hosts here to record our deepest darkest thoughts about the twenty first century. In the millennial lifestyle, we're talking about rap music video games, anime youtube social media, and the wider Internet. This week were talking about versus the popular. Instagram live turned apple music web video series, which pits to musicians against one another to musical acts. I should say against one another in a competitive DJ set with the to musical acts in virtual attendance. Mike, LESCO let's talk about it. Let's let's let's talk about versus let's talk about versus the first one. Was In March we should say that it is Timberlands. Baby a first. Right. Timberlands, wispy stimulus whispers, baby They basically would have rumored placards like this is the this is the title card for next week it might be ti versus somebody, and then an ends up being somebody else. Well, tears is to that's the Ti yes, racist. Stand up just like sh- ti and tip need to just go ahead and settle their differences and realize the police also out here you understand. Right. So the verses series is really Thing that came out of like mutual adoration. I. Would Say Lake it was because I mean, the thing is when you hear verses, you see like it style is with the Z. and inflames and Times New Roman and superimposed over stuff you think that it's like a battle but it's not really no well first of all I think club, Promo? Fliers. Cobra. PROVO Yeah. Ladies. Get Him free before eleven the yeah. But I mean it's actually Nothing like that. I mean it's religious people playing music that they like at a room together. Right. But in a weirdly competitive context yes we should give a rundown of some of them like the match up so far for versus. You know it's been almost a couple dozen of them including Nellie verses, ludicrous. Teddy Riley versus baby face DJ premier versus Rizza Erica by dovers Joe Scott t pain versus Lil Jon. Yes. Yes. So last week the most recent versus matchup Rick Ross against two chains, which is a match up that you and I had. Or have a lot of opinions about. Yeah, you'd like we we do have a lot of opinions about this I. I genuinely believe that there was a period of time around two, thousand sixteen, where like two chains was. You now top five top three wrappers in the world and he wasn't like three you know but I mean like been again a lot of people find that view heretical I. Mean why heretical I dunno that add on moment that's the thing he had though that he had a moment on top of a moment you know what I mean he had a sort of I guess in rap you would think of it as a sort of emeritus moment where was that? We recognize the two chains had been long enough in he and we also all realized that he's deceptively old and so everyone was just like yeah to changes elder statesman now. Yeah I mean yeah. Basically. Care One. We he somehow graduated to that stat. Like yeah. He also like he has graduated to having Justice League VIZSLA and his record, he has like old like Rafferty go to the league that the rule the world record was that Justice League I can't remember was that cool and dry. How am I it? Sounds more characteristic where we yeah. But anyway, it doesn't matter like I do. Like the the point is that I'd I'd love to change deeply however this was a lopsided match-up. However however. Because fat boy got songs. We Cross got songs come on a few days before this versus battle happen when it was announced immediately went to ringer slack and I said the people who organized this are masochists right. To changes great but to chains is not to change is a lanky. Okay. Pal. Riding. You like I understand at like as a person as a person who had the Rick Ross grunt as his text message tone for. Two years. I'm saying that you need to chill out what I'm saying no, but I'm I'm asking I'm asking, did you study the concept of inertia in high school because that's that's crosses physical advantage against two chains is. Right right but all that aside. You know and it's making me not WanNa take your point because you 'cause you be in like this about it but. To as best moments are on other people's songs like or they are like obscure mix tape because. I mean like I am immediately thinking of his versus fighting and the club by in this a song from I twenty like you don't even remember who that is like. The. The fact that there are few songs that Tuesday's really carries on his own and also like if I can. Keep it a stack fifty with you. The big radio hits are not really my favorite to that way to put it to, and especially because the big radio hits chains are kind of all over the place and so they're hard to build a coherent like theory of the case of two genes.

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