City Of Chicago Set To Announce Plans To Replace Lead Water Pipes


Working on a plan to replace lead water pipes leading to people's homes. W B BM is burning, too. Boy with the story. Water Water commissioner commissioner Randy Randy Counter Counter says says there there are are 400,000 400,000 lead lead service service lines lines that that carry carry water water into into people's people's homes. homes. Lead Lead pipes pipes were were banned banned in in 1986 1986 and and Connor Connor told the City Council committee. One of the reasons the city has not yet replaced them is because there's so many of them are estimates it could cost 8 to $10 billion to swap out those pipes for safer ones. The city will unveil specifics of the plan in the coming weeks, but commissioner counter does say residents would need to opt in to get the pipes replaced. He does not say whether residents would pay a portion of the cost. He says residents do in other cities.

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