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Welcome to our podcast it's where we ask some of the entertainment industry's brightest minds what they do to fix what's broken when production resumes versed up costume designer Ruth Carter she's worked on films like Spike Lee's do the right thing. Steven. Spielberg's Amistad and the upcoming coming to America Sequel and at the Twenty Nine Thousand Nine Academy Awards this happened to her. Black Panther Raw. Nomination. She won for her work on Ryan Koukoulas Black Panther and that made her the first black person to ever win an academy award for costume design. This has been a long time come in. Bike leave. Thank you for my star. I hope this makes you crawl. Carter was also the first black person to be nominated for an academy award for Costume Design Way back in Nineteen ninety-three for Malcolm X. Despite her personal success Carter believes, there's always been something fundamentally wrong in Hollywood I think was built on broken narratives. and think about w griffiths or the nation. It was totally broken narratives and. People bought into it Hook, line and sinker, and that became you know the standard. In Hollywood itself even though stones were were going on people were in red face and black face 'cause there are people behind the scenes. Building those costumes and doing the props and they were people colored doing all kinds of supportive crafts that created the that cinematic events that was not including them. So I. Feel like the the work is to be done still adds shine the light on a lot of these supportive of people not only as directors and producers also as Crespi like myself. Back when Ruth Carter was getting her start in costume design is she didn't have a lot of role models and at a certain point as she progressed in her career Carter realized that she was blazing a trail for others. I wasn't overly concerned about a mentor that looked like me and the beginning because I expected that there wouldn't be any or many I. I look for Kassim designer that I wanted to be like and so I was forging this path of united. Volunteer. At Western costume when it was on melrose and I'd hear the names of costume designers over the loudspeaker being summoned to calls I thought wow that's melena cannon narrow. I've heard of her wow that's an rock I've seen all of her pills and I looked at my role as an artist and I was seeking out other artists as a black woman. I started to realize when work with spy can I started become more of a film student I started in theater There wasn't very much representation in front of the camera and behind the camera and it was you know our quest to create images for in front of the camera that we felt represented our community better and my passion from behind the camera was to say, well, I'm here because Spike Lee said I am the costume designer for his now and now I can take on that leadership as. An artist, but also as a mentor so I always had interns I was an intern I knew the value of internships and it was my hope that there would also even though I was young in the game that there would be another person who was as passionate as I was to reach the top and I I dreamed about like, Wow, what if I were to win the asker like? And tastic would that be And realize after I got on stage a may also before but especially after winning that I was a roll off.

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