The Boulevard Bully

Poisonous Minds


Marine Derek had three children and they were on the hunt for their dream. Home. And they had found just the place just blocks away from marinas. Childhood home was six, Fifty, seven Boulevard in Westfield New Jersey. It was built in nineteen o five, a single family colonial style home that was roughly three, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty, square feet. And sitting on about a half. Acre land. Disputable. Mansion had a spacious six bedrooms and four bathrooms. That, was it the home of Derek Maria straightens the one. They would raise their three beautiful children in and fill with memories. The kids were already picking out which fireplace Santa was gonNA use on Christmas. The brought us family knew this was the house and purchased the home for one point three, million dollars in two, thousand fourteen. But like every old house, it had it secrets to. After, the closing on the house, the couple were excited to add their personal touches to the home. They hired construction crews for some renovations and they wanted it done before they officially moved in. One June day. Derek. Maria had spent majority of their day painting taking a break as the evening approach. Derek goes out to get the mail. In. The mailbox sits a white envelope. With big chunky letters. That envelope would turn their home into their worst nightmare. The Front of the envelope had big chunky handwriting that said the new. Within the envelope was type letter according to the source. And that letter reads and I quote. Dearest new neighbor at six fifty, seven boulevard allow me to welcome you to the neighborhood. How did you end up here? Six, Fifty, seven boulevard has been the subject of my family for decades now. And as it approaches its hundred and ten, th birthday I have been put in charge of watching in waiting for its second coming. My grandfather watched the house in the nineteen twenties and my father watched in the nineteen sixties.

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