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Patriots Paul Spartan here from the Midnight Patriots. So one of the. Feel about anchored now. When we started this insanity, we always tell people. The reason we do this is because insomnia sucks almost as bad as tyranny. We would have these conversations between ourselves the group chats. Throws, things like that. We thought, hey man, you know we should just record a podcast, but the more we looked the more expensive became. We Cross anger. Anger gives you all the tools you need to do this to make your voice heard and get your voice out there. You have an opinion you gotta use anchor everything from recording to editing to distribution that you'd be all the tools that you need. To allow you to record your podcast right for your phone or your computer. Anchor covers distribution by getting on Apple. spotify and many many others. I mean how you can make money right from your own podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need in one spot in one place simple and effect. Get yourself anchor make voice her. Hey Patriots. Pulse pardon hair with your midnight moment. It's just after midnight here in the Mall High. Command Center and the paper PRICES DOT COM studios. So let's get a rolling. So if you're listening right now, it's after midnight and in some parts of the country, it's a little after two am and you've got to be answering yourself what in the hell is the midnight moment what it's doing well, we're GonNa, use a midnight moment to provide quick quick updates of topics that are usually bugging the shit out of or that we have a particular Gigolo support for You know we're also going to provide some background and clarification on topics. We can't devote proper time to during the actual podcast itself and we're GONNA use this to respond to contact from our listeners like you. I I want to say thank you to all the followers that we've received since we launched the world. Premiere. The support has been outstanding. So welcomed, everybody all the Patriots from see shining see. Decided to follow and give us a listen. We received a lot of feedback the world premiere move just psychotically fast and hop topics really quickly, which in hindsight is completely true. Probably because we were severely over caffeinated but not the word that only happens all the time. So hence, the midnight moments segment that we're doing now A. Particular feedback about my opinion on mess and more importantly they. Have contacted me wanted to know why hold? The position that I do that cloth master complete bullshit and that. Even. The end ninety five and surgical masks being worn in public are of no help and I will be happy to explain that and we'll get into that just a second. So I want to make very clear here that I am not overall gist. Not a doctor I don't possess a medical degree. That said what I do have is I've taken in past Osha ten and thirty turning as it pertains to respirator guidelines. Now Couple things about that. Osha the occupational safety hazards administration like it or lump it. Is the foremost expert on protections for the workplace as it pertains to many things. A lot of people are saying, Oh, listen to the experts. Well, the problem is, is that the so-called experts also answered Osha that's right. The CDC. If they give their people, the wrong equipment and somebody at ends up getting sick. Guess what Osha Steps in, find his shit out of them. So that's something that you need to understand. So What we have here is a complete and total conflation and misunderstanding of what masks are and what they do. There's also a conflation and complete misunderstanding of nomenclature terminology as it pertains to. What respirators are for? So I, want to start by saying that there's a respirator for every job. and. To be very specific what you'll find out if you do your research and by all means, don't trust me look it up for yourself. And Ninety Five, mass nine, ninety, five masks are designed for contaminated environments. So they're supposed to protect you on the inhale, but the exhale is set completely out into the air. So if the Douche not standing you know. Close to you within ninety five mask actually has Kobe Nineteen, any hails. If he has it the virus, the airborne pathogen goes right through the mask and offers no protection. That's number one number two. Surgical masks are designed for sterile environment here the argument a lot. Well, why don't? Or why do medical professionals wear masks in a surgery room I mean, what are they aren't they trying to protect people from viruses new They're not surgical masks do not protect against viruses in any way shape or form. We'll get into that in a minute also when you put on a surgical mask and you walk outdoors all the particulate matter dust dirt excetera. Rendered those masks useless and a non sterile environment? Okay. So understand something and ninety five and surgical masks. Are designed for a specific purpose. Okay designed for specific purpose. Further, neither one of them actually are rated to stop airborne pathogens. Now that distinction is very, very important. That's very important distinction and one thing that you'll find is. Viruses, especially, with the airborne type are what's called sub-micron. Now, what does that me I'll try to describe this in a way that that is a visually acceptable to everybody involved. Okay. So let's just say that you're looking at a at. A soccer goal and the goal has a net on it. If you look at any mask close enough, you'll see the fibers somewhat connect that soccer net. Okay. Now if you throw a basketball at the soccer net. It's going to stop the basketball, right? So considered the basketball dust particle. It's going to stop it. If you throw soccer ball at its, it's going to stop that to. Throw a smaller soccer ball at it it'll stop that. It's A tennis ball at. Tennis balls probably going to get through. Gaul. At. It. Golf balls definitely interf-. Now throw a single bb or pellet. At that same net goes directly through. so by comparison, dust particles are even larger than the aforementioned basketball and a virus is even smaller than the BB. So, does that resonate with anybody? In order to actually protect yourself from an airborne pathogen like an airborne visit. You need actual containment in an independent agent supply. Let me back that up for just a second. I actually went today to have been one, thousand, nine, hundred tests I know I know funny. Mavin minor surgery Monday and I had to get the test. No big deal. So it was one of the drive up locations and. Gave my information. And the guy that comes over is actually wearing a full face shield helmet with an independent oxygen supply to do the nose swab. Basically, confirming everything I've just said I asked him I said excuse me Sir. Why are you wearing the helmet? And he said Oh requires the can protect myself from the virus. Now. That actually happened not twelve hours ago. So. Medical professionals know. The Truth and what I just said. Osha people are people that are Osha Ten thirty certified and had the training know too. Military members veterans who have trained with respirators in. Gas Masks. Know that there is a filter and a respirator for. Single situation. That brings me to cloth masks. If cloth masks work. And they stop aerosols again, all you're doing is stopping the for the basketball. In not stopping the BB. You can drive a matchbook car through highway tunnel, but you can't get A. Mack truck. Through a standard paper towel tube. It just doesn't work. There is no science. It's bullshit. Now. If you. WanNa wear a mask it. It's a placebo measure in you think it helps whatever floats your boat man. But I'd like to tell all the Cairns of the world. Who say? Oh, just wear the mask go fuck yourself. You, wear your mask. Let me do I WANNA do. You're not helping anything. You're not protecting anyone it's a myth. It's a placebo effect, and if you don't know what that term is placebo effect, look it up. It's a confidence measure for a test group when anyone trying to run an experiment, get the picture. That was your midnight moment Massar Bullshit where one if you want the lead me out of it. Enjoyed, your midnight moment for July Twenty, four, twenty, twenty. If you did be sure to give us a following get notified new releases subscriptions would be very appreciated. But know that you being here with us is enough for us. Sleep well I. Remember the Constitution is not a suggestion.

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