The End of an Era for Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona


Messi could be leaving the soccer club he joined when he was just 13 years old. The superstar is now 33. He is still playing for FC Barcelona earlier this week messy, informed the team he wanted out. Few stars stay with one club. As long as Messi has been with Barcelona, and few have achieved such success. His first goal for the organization's top team came in 2005. Young, messy came into the game late as a substitute. He wore number 30. Then today it's 10 after a pass from the star nicknamed Ronaldhino, messy, looped a graceful touch over the goalkeeper's head, and it was the first of messy 634 goals for Barcelona. Or should I say goals for Barcelona anyway? He's one that balloon door regarded as the most prestigious individual award for global soccer six times may be. The only thing missing is not accomplished, is winning a World Cup with his home country, Argentina. Barcelona got knocked out of this year's Champions League tournament between Europe's top top club club teams. teams. It It was was an an embarrassing embarrassing 8 8 to to 2 2 loss. loss. One One game game earlier, earlier, Messi Messi scored scored a a goal goal after after nearly nearly getting getting knocked knocked down. down. It It could could be be his his last last for for his his longtime longtime club. club. I'm coming up with a cold mantle. Messy hair is just a rip up of reason. Tree machine. Barcelona still seems to want their superstar, a club official told The Associated Press. We want to rebuild for the future together with the best player in this

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