Philadelphia's record overtime costs during pandemic a red flag


Spent more than $200 million on overtime in the last fiscal year, according to the financial watchdog agency, known by the acronym Picco. They want Ella to City Hall Bureau chief Pat Lowe reports. That's a record high. Executive director Harvey Rice says It's understandable that overtime for police fire and street spike during the civil unrest in June but thought it should have been balanced by savings from employees working at home and from better staffing in city departments. That's a concern to us and it's a red flag. City budget director Marissa Waxman says 80% of the overtime was in public safety and overtime constitutes 4% of the budget. So, she says, while the city is committed to try to reduce costs He doesn't see overtime is all bad, just a means to providing services. Philadelphians need services this year, perhaps more than any I can remember, and we're not able to get at 5 p.m. every day. If we want to get the job, John Pike is still thinks it's a problem. It's order the city to submit an overtime reduction plan in September and will be monitoring at monthly instead of quarterly. Pat Lobe

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