White People Go to Rehab, Black People Go to Jail


Hi Everyone. Welcome to recovery. Happy Hour where we talk about life beyond the bottle and what happens after we stopped drinking. If you listen closely, you can hear my neighbor's dogs barking amp dishwasher running. Thank you for joining me. On today's episode, we've got Amy Dresner I have been following amy since I read her fantastic memoir, my fair junkie in two thousand seventeen have always wanted to have her on the podcast, but I never asked because she's on like every podcast. So I figured she'd just be tired of them by now. And there are two things I need to say about that last sentence one is that her memoir is freaking great. It's hilarious. It's heart wrenching. It's shocking and I personally believe that have to find a way to laugh at life starker moments or else you'll go crazy. The other thing is I didn't reach out to amy to talk about my fair junkie. I. Actually reached out after she wrote an article called white people go to Rehab. Black people go to jail. I run the article and the stories are all told by people of Color. It's well researched and amy's voice really isn't a huge part of it. You can't argue the fact that people of color are incarcerated for drug offenses at a rate. That's not proportionate to those of white people, and if you're listening to the show right now because you want tips on recovery I promise you, they're coming up, got good stuff coming later on, but just listen to these statistics. Okay. For example, nonviolent block criminals stay in prison for about the same length of time as violent white criminals. Here are some other interesting facts to listen to white people are more likely than black and connects people to sell drugs yet, the racist consume drugs at similar rates. According to drug policy. Dot. Org. Nearly eighty percent of people in federal prison and almost sixty percent in state prison for drug offenses are black or Latin X in addition research shows that prosecutors are twice as likely to pursue a mandatory minimum sentence for black people as for white people charged with the same offence. In two, thousand, ten per one, hundred, thousand people in the American population, an average of four, hundred and fifty white people were incarcerated. An average of eight hundred, thirty, one Hispanic people were incarcerated. And an average of two, thousand, three, hundred, and six black people more incarcerated. So. What are these statistics say? Well, they can mean a lot of things. Not realizing that everybody with drug offence has an issue with substance abuse, but the likelihood is higher. So we've got a large number of people incarcerated who suddenly been pulled away from their drug of choice or their alcohol inner sitting and waiting to get out. There's Rehab in prison. There's no recovery resources. You know there's no accountability groups nothing. Occasionally, twelve step meetings happened in prison. So we've got one fundamental method of recovery occasionally being brought to them. So. Once you strip away the privilege of the basics like personal freedom. You don't get any recovery while you're in jail, you're just expected to be absent and that's it. You know related to this topic is also the lack of resources for people with substance use disorder once they're released from jail or prison. This too is a problem that's likely not going away anytime soon, like check this out, did you know that former inmates are one hundred and twenty, nine percent more likely to die within two weeks of release due to overdose? Lack of treatment during incarceration and tolerance levels being so low after a period of absence plays a huge part in that. And also, overdose is the number one cause of death for former inmates. I hear this and my heart breaks. You know because as if recovery isn't hard enough having to recover while you're locked up with zebra resources. That can basically be a death sentence. This relates to our topic on because big picture. We're sentencing white people less giving them more opportunity and privilege to seek out recovery and sentencing people of color more and essentially starving them if any opportunity to recover. Does that sound as backwards to you as it does to me.

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