The Big Podcast Submarine


BOOP. BOOP? Hey what's that sound? It's the big podcast submarine reemerging. It's David Hooper. Bill podcast haven't taught here for a while and WanNa follow up with something that I said on the last episode. Mentioned meeting a musician who wants told me I'm the most creative person you'll ever meet. In a mentioned, my response being. Don't care how creative you are I care about how many records you can sell. I want to clarify that. That sounds a little bit harsh like all. I cared about was her ability to sell music and I'm not saying that sales or money are the only thing that matters. When it comes to create a good podcast or creating anything. There are plenty of podcasts that make money that in my opinion don't add a lot of value to the world. With. That said though who am I to judge what people find of value? Sometimes, there's a disconnect between people. Parents who don't like their kids music, for example. But to bring this back around to the point that I mentioned I, really don't care how creative you are. What I meant by I care about how many records you can sell. What I'm saying is I care about how you connect with people. Do you do it in a way that makes them want to spend money with you. Not because. Money. Is, the goal. But because we vote. With our wallets. You might argue that we vote with our time and attention and some people do but there are also those of us who will stand in line for hours when a chick-fil-a opens to get a free chicken sandwich that they could easily come back the next day for. Spend a lot less time and maybe five bucks. Look. I don't go to Chick-fil-a 'cause vegetarian. My numbers might be a little bit off but you get the point when some restaurant that everybody's talking about opens or something happens that as as specific time people camp out for it. That does not happen because of creativity. There's nothing creative about a piece of chicken in between two pieces of bread and random. That looks and sounds wacky. That's not creative either is just random. It looks and sounds wacky. Before everything shut down because of covid nineteen. We're actually getting in the same room with each other. There was a big meeting in my neighborhood with a developer who wanted to do what developers do and put in a huge development, and here's what he said. He said I want something creative. The hell does that mean that's all over the place what people want an development is something that will meet their needs housing food services. Same thing for your podcast if you focus on meeting the needs of people, that's when those people will merge. So don't worry about being creative with your podcast focus on meeting the needs of people people ask me all the time. How do I build an audience? What's the best thing I can do to build a big audience focus on meeting their needs? Now, you've got to build a big audience, but you're also going to build an audience that uses the ways that we vote time attention and money and give you some of those things

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