San Francisco's Preparations and Response to COVID-19


Francisco's Francisco's mayor mayor of London. Breed has announced the city is spending nearly half a $1,000,000 on responding to the Corona virus pandemic. That money is coming from other services. That's why she's urging city residents that he'd public health orders to curb the spread and community transmission of the Corona virus Breed Warren's should the pandemic continue beyond next year. It would drain more city resource is Cape Phase, Christina Honest that reports San Francisco Mayor London Breed says she plans to spend $446 million to address the Corona virus pandemic this year through June 2021. That includes $56 million to boost mobile testing sites and the most impacted neighborhoods like the latte, next community in the Excelsior in the mission and the black community in the Bay View and Tenderloin. Reed ticks off a list of services that money will go towards this fiscal year. It includes $16.5 million in funding for communications and operations. 185 million for our health response, 62 million for food distributions and programs that are pit stops. 183 million for housing and shelter programs. It's important to remember that this funding really assumes that we don't see any major surges. If that happens, we will need to divert. Even more resource is and that's why it is so critical that everybody does its part, their part to stop the spread. Thiss stretches beyond June, and there's going to be even more of a drain on our budget next year. But the mayor warns the workable budget relies on federal reimbursements and cares Act dollars. San Francisco, like other cities and states is suffering a deficit due to the pandemic Breeds budget relies on reserves to close an estimated $1.5 billion budget gap over the next two years. It also uses $93 million from the General Fund. San Francisco has been on the government's watch list since late July due to increasing Corona virus infections as breed lists the latest numbers of corona virus infections and deaths. She suggests there's no going back to normal. As of today we have 7692 cases on DH. Sadly, 67 people have died from Cove. It Until we have a vaccine until we're in a better place. We know that we need to continue to socially distanced herself from one another. Where are mask as much as possible and follow our public helped guidelines. We have to start getting comfortable with it. We have to start changing our behavior. It really is. What's going to make the difference. There are some positive signs, says public health director Dr Grant Colfax. He says the rate of Corona virus hospitalizations air down and under indicators. Show a slowing of community transmission. We are currently carrying for 88 San Franciscans with covert 19 in our local hospitals. That is a slight drop from last week. Remember, it is an almost 25% reduction from our peak in July. We're currently finding about 85 new cases of covert 19 every day. That number has started to drop from its high point a few weeks ago, but it is still a cause for great concern. Anything above 50 new cases per day puts us in the red Zone. On our highest alert level. And we have been there for the past seven weeks. City officials are pushing

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