Dual-screen Surface Duo marks Microsoft's return to smartphones


The other exciting future is foldable Microsoft's screen android device. The surface duo is available for preorder now for one. Hundred Ninety nine dollars, ask. Arriving September tenth. Being being excited about this product, the surface duo has to eighteen hundred, thirteen, fifty, five, point, six, inch, sixty, hertz led screens. Now when you unfolded those screens connect to form an eight point, one inch workspace, but it's not a single screen like with the Samsung Galaxy full because there's still the hinge in the middle and Microsoft's like we're not trying to be that. We're not trying to to have a foldable screen. We're just trying to make a bigger workspace displays are both gorilla glass as a result because they don't have to bend and they work as side-by-side Ma monitors essentially, it's four point eight millimeters thick another big. That's when it's open. Of course, it folds up it's nine point nine millimeters even then it's not too bad. Also the whitest ever android phone. As. Ours Technica pointed out ninety three millimeters wide that is bigger than even the biggest galaxy note that ever existed. It uses one eleven megapixel camera that can record four K. video at up to sixty frames per second runs on a snapdragon eight, fifty, five last generation processor, not eight, sixty five. Six Gigs of Ram. One hundred twenty eight or two, hundred, fifty, six gigs of storage has lt e not five g. but maybe don't. And two batteries one under each screen that combined for three thousand, five, hundred, seventy, seven Nila amp hours. So the specs aren't. Notch they're they're okay but they're not top notch also fingerprint reader sport for surface pen. All ANDROID APPS can run on it. And there are surface. Made. APPS AN API out. For developers to make more of them, that take advantage of the dual display and could like put the keyboard and one side or no taking on one side. And Get. Use Out of that form factor. But as I mentioned, it's a thousand, three, hundred, ninety, nine dollars, and while that's not as expensive as the Samsung Galaxy fold it ain't cheap. Yeah. It feels like a test. To me because at that price and at these specs, you're gonNA find out real quick who your buyers are and. And will extend past the people who just have to have the coolest gadget where a total android heads and have to have every model ever made or love Microsoft stuff or whatever does it extend much past that the two most exciting products I've ever seen out of Microsoft is honestly this I think is really cool. But the specter too low, and there's not a great argument for use case for me

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