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Pelosi has endorsed Congressman Joe Kennedy, the third for Senator Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and son of former congressman Joseph Kennedy. The second is challenging Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey in a contentious Democratic primary race. Pelosi's endorsement of Kennedy is a snob of Marquis, who was one of Pelosi's longtime House colleagues in 2007. Pelosi Tap marquee as chairman of the House Select Committee on Energy independence. Michelle Obama assailed President Donald Trump for ripping migrant Children from their parents and throwing them into cages picking up on a frequent and distorted point made by the Democrats. Will. That speech was fact checked by The Associated Press. And she's right that trumps now suspended policy of the U. S Mexican border separated thousands of Children from their families in ways that had not been done before. But what she didn't say is that the very same cages were built and used in her husband's administration for the same purpose. Of holding migrant Children and her keynote address, she said they watched in horror as Children or torn from their families and thrown into cages. The fact is, the reference to cages is misleading, and it's a matter that Democrats continue to distort. Trump used the facilities that were built during the Obama Biden administration. Tau House Children at the border. Remember to keep up on all your news by listening online any time and use a radio dot com Listen, live any time use radio dot com for use radio news. I'm John Hunt.

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