Human Beings Being Human

Peace Out


Hello. This is peace out stories for coming down and relaxation. My name is Chanel. This season, we talked about the life cycle of Pebbles Gio, D- mice, helium tomatoes trees, Sea Stars Sea. Salmon CICADAS and of course, the T. Rex. And now we're here. At the last episode of our fourth season. And it's all about you. It's about us. Human. Beings. Sit in a comfortable position. Rest your hands on your knees. If, you'd like to lie down go ahead. We're GONNA take our time settling into this first part today. Close Your eyes if you'd like. Breathing. In and. What's going through your mind right now? Our minds are always making thoughts. So. Sometimes, it might feel like we're standing in a river. The thoughts always flowing. and. They'll keep flowing and going. and. That's okay. But sometimes it can feel like to watch. If. We need a break from the flowing thoughts instead of trying to stop them instead of letting the water carry you away. There's always the option to. Step right out of the water. And sit on the riverbank and have arrest. You can just sit. And enjoy watching the water run by. But you're not feeling the push of it. Not Worried about where the water's coming from or where it's going. And then when you're ready and want to get back into the cool water. You'll be able to play in it and stand strong for longer. If the flowing river our thoughts. then. That little break on the riverbank is mindfulness. Mindfulness is about staying in the present moment. Not Thinking about what's happened in the past. Or worrying about what might happen in the future? Just being here. Now. Take notice of your breathing right now. Is it slowing down Or fast. Is it long and deep. Or short shallow. You don't have to change anything about it right now. Just notice it. Our brains are always working and making judgments on the information thoughts and experiences coming in. If you've seen the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory You'll probably remember seen when Ruka Salt Sasi Geese that lay golden inks. The golden eggs would come down onto the educators scale that would decide whether it was a good egg. Or A bag. Well, of course, in real life, there are many more judgments beyond good or bad. But, the brain is like that educator. Taking in each thought and making a quick automatic decision if it likes it and tells us that we should keep looking for these good things or doesn't like it and tells us to avoid these things. Or maybe our brain is neutral about them. We don't really have to pay attention or do anything about it. That brings us to another big part of being mindful. Letting. Go of the judgment. Our brains will always be judging the information coming in. which is not a bad thing. Let's say Mr Willy Wonka began noticing that there have been a lot of bad aches lately. He might wonder. Why are my kiessling so many bad eggs. Are They not getting enough healthy food. Not Enough water. Maybe, we should give them more to eat every day or something different to eat on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Should I get the Olympus to check on the more? Are the bad eggs really that bad. Maybe I need to think about how we measured what good eggs. And change it. Or maybe I need to let my geese run freely in a big field and not keep them in this room.

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