Miami Marlins Postpone Trip Home From Philadelphia Amid Fear Of Coronavirus Outbreak


To the Marlins again. 11 to 6 of the Marlins were short handed yesterday. Why W's Dave you ram joining us live with more on this morning, Dave? Hey, Carol. Good morning. Yet they reportedly learned of multiple new cases of covert 19 3 players who are expected to play for the Marlins yesterday did not radio dot com Sportsmen will be insider, John Hammond reported. They tested positive and it's apparently their fourth positive test since the season began. This news came down shortly before first pitch, Phil's manager Joe Girardi said They were somewhat aware of what was going on with the Marlins and then texted all their players were constantly reminding the guys about you. I mean, you have to be safe. You know, you can't really have a lot of Contact with other people because you put everybody in danger, but it's obvious after three games, players can't always avoid each other while they're on the field. Bryce Harper started worrying a mask yesterday when he was on base that that would probably a good idea just in case one of the other guys that you tested yet or anything like that Saturday, Phillies president Andy MacPhail told the Filles radio network that this is going to be challenging and his teams go to different city. What concerns me about our sport is where other sports are choosing to bubble. We're going to travel, and I think traveling is going to add another. Mayor of complexity to what is already a complex situation. Guys. The Marlon stayed overnight in Philadelphia. They're expected to travel home today. Miami manager Don Mattingly said. The guys who tested positive are quarantined in Philly. All

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