Trump will not visit Capitol to pay respects to civil rights icon John Lewis


The world said goodbye to a civil rights icon in our nation's Capitol today and elsewhere, representative John Lewis honored in ceremonies at the Capitol. Talk about how that's impacting people where you are and what you saw, but it's hard to underestimate His impact on the civil rights leader. He was literally one of think a gang of six lieutenants under Martin Luther King back in the sixties, and at the time I think he may have been 25 26 years old Martin Luther King was only in his early thirties. When he gave his I have a dream speech, and we forget, you know, there's such towering figures were way think that they were much older than they were. And John Lewis died at 80 has had this incredibly long career. Hey, was beaten to within an inch of his life defending their right to vote and equal rights. For African Americans. This man is a hero. His bravery is is just breathtaking. One comment. I read from a colleague of his today and I was really taken with, she said. It was during the time of the hippies when John Lewis forever wore a three piece suit and carried a briefcase because he wanted to be taken seriously and thought to be ah, involved with important stuff. And you don't see that much anymore. And not only that, but hey also recalled that when he was arrested for civil disobedience, certainly not violence, but simply Protesting and using his first Amendment right to speak up. He always smile for the mug shot because he goes, I didn't do anything wrong. Why should I be doing anything about smiling here truly one of a kind of the benefit of all Americans then and now you go ahead and what's astonishing is that President Trump once again? Is not doing anything to pay his respects to this American icon. Hey, was asked, the president was asked if he was going to go up to the capital to pay respects to John Lewis, who was lying in state. They're one of I think only three African Americans to ever do that Rosa Parks. And Ah, uh, Thurgood Marshall. I think you were the other two. And he the president goes. No, I'm not going to no explanation. No comments about John Lewis. And, of course, he and John Lewis. We're not B f F S. John Lewis famously did not show up to the President's in all your old saying that he thought he was an illegitimate president. That he thought that he or at least the Russians did everything they could to get him elected and that it wasn't a legitimate presidency. He was going to attend the inaugural A good opportunity if nothing else, and this is a crass way to look at it to score some points. And we're all taught from a very early age. We show respect for those who have passed on it. It seems like an easy opportunity for the president take advantage of well. The president has not done that. For many leaders who died over the last couple years. John McCain, notably He did not was not invited to the funeral but didn't even bother to crash He was playing golf at his name escapes me now the congressman from Maryland who died another African American civil rights leader. Also had clashes with the president. He did not show up for that, then think I think the only major funeral that President Trump has shown up for was George H. W. Bush.

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