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Sports Ohio on the TV side baseball fans didn't have too many outlets in the world beyond where they lived. One word changed all of that super stations. The super stations are where we fell in love with Harry Carey where we witnessed the greatness of Dale. Murphy where the idea of Wrigley Field is a baseball destination took hold. There were plenty of Chicago. Cubs and braves fans born and even more that fell in love with the game as a result the super stations mainly wgn tbs brought baseball to the masses in a new way. And Man when I think of Harry and Steve and cubs baseball and wgn, I remember how happy I was what I got out of class early an even when I was at Butler, we'll go back to the dorm room in this is eight, thousand, five, hundred, sixty, seven, eighty, eight, and watch cubs, baseball wgn, and just the treat of being able to watch. Any baseball on something that was called a superstation when you turn on the braves game on tbs and it was what Ernie Johnson and skip van wherein or Pete Van Wearing and skip Carey in braves baseball with Dale Murphy and Bob Horner and Glenn Hubbard Phil Niekro and guys like that and just reading this piece from Yahoo Sports took me back to how how exciting and different it was to think wait minute there's a network devoted to the cubs in one to the braves. and. We can watch all of their games and when the reds play the cubs or the reds play the braves, you can see him on Wgn TBS. and Bob Walled who was the longtime executive producer of cubs baseball made a great point in the PC said you probably had the greatest baseball salesman in the history of the game in Harry? Carey and he said to me we were creating baseball fans not just cubs fans but baseball fans across the country. Oh and when Harry would do the and take me out to the ball game and he's lean out of the booth with it holding the wgn microphone and swing it side to side. I never forget every time I go to Wrigley I would merval at the buses, in the parking lot. Because the buses I always look at the license plate. And the buses would be from Iowa and Wisconsin. And Indiana. All. Over and it was busloads of people who clearly became fans of the cubs watching them on. GDN Who saw Wrigley and what you talk about a salesman in Harry Carey and talk about location location location. The Mecca. Afternoon Baseball Cubs Wrigley Field, Harry Kurt who didn't want to go to Wrigley Field. And I'll never forget one of the coolest experiences I've ever had was in Chicago I worked for Clt we were owned by the Tribune Company we were twenty four hour news channel. I hosted a nightly show at nine o'clock sports page in we carried his permanent agreement carried probably. Five or six cubs games a year. Brother Station, we were all owned by the Tribune, company and couple of games year four or five six slide over to us, and it was helping to cross promote us because we were the new twenty four hour news channel in Chicago and made if you put the cubs on their eyeballs would go. So. As part of the promotion of that, they extended the invitation to me to be in the booth with Harry and Steve, and for Harry to interview be. And so I, I'm Wrigley that day and whatever inning it was I joined them kind of like when. Jeff and Tommy. Do the second inning with the reds beat writers but they have me in the booth and while the game's going on Harry and Steve, this was on the GM wgn side Harry and Steve were interviewing me during the half inning talking about crtv tell us about crtv tell us about sports page. How can Viewers what can they get from CRTV like I was the spokesperson for the station that day and they were they never forget Harry say well, are you married and I look at Steve Stone? So Harry's getting it all this stuff about me until it people about it hardy married I'M A and I was in the booth when they did the the seventh inning stretch I I didn't get to do with them. I got to watch him but it was. As someone who loves baseball and AN RESPECTS LEGENDS OF THE GAME to be in the same booth with Harry and I, I consider Steve. Stone at broadcasting legend is well, he's still broadcasting Chicago to spend that half inning with them one being able to promote our station to what would Harry Carey. Says to you on Wgn radio that whether he did or not it was very kind of him to say when he when he said and I'll never forget this. I like your show. You seem to know your way around the world of sports in what you're talking about and I've like I'm like look at what Harry Carey is talking about me. I think the follow up boys are you married? My goodness. What is happening here but but just GM has such a pull and an attraction am I right? When I said wgn and cubs instead TBS and the braves. I'm thinking you probably flash back to like the eighty s and just some of the visuals of the of the Games in the moments, the players in the personalities and in what power those two super stations bad for reaching out to people. We continue more of your calls and I got I. got a couple of lines open five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big win in pounds seven, hundred on at and T. at eight fifty better believe we're doing on this date in reds history but time to

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