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L. Everyone. This is David sparks joined by my pal and yours Mr Stephen Hackett how's it going Stephen? It's good David it is. It is good. I have to say. That, our guest today really has on my toes. which will get reasons of like it's kind of like when you show up at work like the boss's boss's they're like and you feel like you can't goof off her do anything I'm going to be on my best behavior is what I'm saying that. Well, you know, well, why don't we just welcome to the show Jim Medicine Dorf Jim Nice to have you on the Mac power users summer of fun. The. Show it was so great hanging out with you guys last month that DUB DUB and San Jose. Wrong universe. Hey, guys, thanks for having me I. appreciate it. So for those who who may not know I, need to give a little back story to. With Jim a lot of you probably know Jim he's part of the sort of apple audio community online but when I came on the show now what a year and a half ago I over the editing that was kind of one of the one of my. Sticking points today was like I'll do it but I when I went the edit and I edited it for quite a long time and over time needed to hand it off to somebody else and. Jim is that somebody else will get into this but Jim at, it's a lot of podcast including a lot on relay FM and I'll tell you honestly we didn't get a single comment the week you took over because you are you're better editor than I am first of all, but it was so seamless and you're so good to work with and. That's all great. But you're also like this big MAC nurse we're GONNA get into that today. So that's when I say. I'm on my toes. So I take notes during the show via maybe places where we talk over each other we need to fix something and now gyms just here he here's all that anyways because he edits the show but now he's going to hear them in real time just how bad we are at the sometimes. Yeah. Jim. Is The all hearing ear of the relay network and I was joking with him earlier because when we record the show and I make a mistake, I can't help myself I say sorry Jim every time and we write it down. So there's probably a super cut of MEESANE. Sorry Jam like fifteen minutes long if you put it all together but the other thing that's where it is Jim here's all our shows before they released. So sometimes Jemele text me about something that happened on focus and say how's that going Wait anyway. But Jim is a pro audio engineer and Mac Nerd we talk about audio workflows and video workflows. Today Jim also has some of the things that he does a lot He's got a small business and we're GONNA, talk about that and he's a musician and we Jim and I got on the phone yesterday and we kind of worked out all of our jazz talk. So we knew ca Stephen is going to. Go crazy if I spend the whole episode talking about it but but Jim uses APPs and technology for some of his music too. So we got a lot to cover today. Jim, are you ready strapped in for this? I'm ready. Let's do it. All right. Well, give us a little background Jim, how did you get all this knowledge and get to where you right now? Oh my gosh. Well, I. The first thing to say is I'm. A person of a certain age I'm forty five to be exact. So wait wait wait. person of age. Forty five. Yeah. I used to catch myself doing that I'm not that old why? Why are we doing this to ourselves Jim? You're good. It works for some of us. Just remember what Indiana Jones says though it's not the years it's the mileage. Yeah exactly. So you know I say I'm forty five because I have been using the MAC for an awful long time. Now, at this point I got my first machine in Nineteen ninety-four. Was a quadra eight, forty, eight V. I'll try to go through the the life history of Jim as quickly as I can. So we can get to the stuff that's of use to will listeners hopefully, but I was exposed to audio and video and photography from birth more or less My Dad was a professional photographer. And he was also the recording engineer for a regional symphony where I grew up. Here in Ohio. and. So really at a at a young age, I would go with him to concerts. And by the time I was ten or twelve years old I was helping him. Rap Microphone Cables and. kind of learning. Some of the very, very basics of audio. Through through Osmosis of. Spending time with him while he was doing his thing.

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