Negotiations with Taliban slated to start in 'week's time,' Afghan government says


A rare cease fire in Afghanistan for an upcoming Muslim holiday spokesman saying on Twitter A three day halt of fighting is meant to allow Afghans is celebrating peace. Here's NPR's DEA Hadeed. Taliban spokesman said the cease fire would last for the Muslim celebration of idle at her. It's the third cease fire that the Taliban of cold over the past two years before then they were exceedingly ray. The whole two fire seems intended to show Afghans that the insurgents a serious about upcoming negotiations with the Afghan government, those negotiations mental in the conflict and give the Taliban a role in governing the country. In response, the Afghan president Assad of Honey said he'd soon release hundreds of Taliban prisoners. Their release is meant to proceed. The pace talks on the U. S. Is backing those talks, but they've made many liberal minded Afghans apprehensive. Because the Taliban say they'll impose strict Islamic law if they come back into power. NPR's see Hadid This's NPR

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