Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson tests positive for Covid-19


With the details. Good morning, Dave. Announced Sunday night that head coach Doug Peterson has come down with Cove in 19. The team says he's asymptomatic doing well quarantining and in communication with the birds, medical staff or for him to return to the Nova care complex he needs to either remain asymptomatic for 10 days or registered to negative test at least 24 hours apart. Within atleast a five day span. He also has to be cleared by the team's top position. Multiple reports say that Peterson is going to contribute from home as much as he can. While assistant head coach Duce Staley will gather Peterson's responsibilities and Nova care, Staley was actually asked about this type of situation on Friday, all been pretty much the coordinators. So if something happens When we lose where we lose a guy we all step in and continue to job. Denise. The Eagle statement also said that anybody who came in close contact with Peterson at the facility has been notified and will continue with daily testing and and following following following protocol protocol protocol protocol before before before before coming coming coming coming back back back back to to to to the the the the team's team's team's team's facility. facility. facility. facility. Say Say Say Say thank thank thank thank you you you you so so so so much. much. much. much. The The The The pandemic pandemic pandemic pandemic enters enters enters enters a a a a new new new new phase phase phase phase more more more more on on on on that that that that after after after after traffic traffic traffic traffic and and and weather weather weather on on on the the the twos. twos. twos. Let's Let's Let's check check check in in in now now now

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