The Perfect Technician Academy with Dr. Thomas Moorman


Less all the time because the military's much smaller than it used to be. So you have all these baby boomers these old is older generation folks that are all retired and in time out of these jobs. But yet, you really don't have anybody come in behind him to replace him. With the trades, a lot of people have a misconception that the trades are a minimum wage job and you're gonNA struggle to make a living struggle sports family and yeah. If you're eighteen or nineteen coming into the trades you may make. Thirteen fourteen fifteen dollars an hour as as that new person coming in. But if you're coming in as a repair service technician people that were training many times you're going to be working on commissions you can be worked commercial with the salary you work in. The armored Labor Statistics says the average salary h back ignition is about twenty to twenty four dollars an hour The average salary is right about forty eight, thousand dollars a year in that range, and that's what the Department of Labor says. Now then takes in everybody who's the basic they mission to You know some of the better technicians but the reality is there's a lot of money to be made you WanNa, work art, and one of the things we find is that those guys coming out on the military and transition to this feel tend to do tend to be the top performers in the field because at the have some inherent deals already understand respect respecting the customer they understand had. Leave a job site clean secure. You know well done do the job right the first time. There's so many pieces that US'll that the guys out of the military really good great job. We talk about statistics the age back industry right now, one of the fastest growing industries in the United States as far as employment, it's growing about next few years expected growth thirteen percent, which is outpacing other industries The other thing is, is you know? As people are staying at home with. Kobe. Guess what they're using a lot of their home essential services and those things and they want to be comfortable. So said during covert, we had about a two week period where things shutdowns people were a little worried about what this man was happening. But after that two week period, our technicians have been busier than they've ever been in any given year. And that's because everyone's at home they're using those. Services and they really want to be comfortable and so the reality that technicians that have their graduates are. Just. Repeatedly, tell me that they're busier than they've been in a normal year. So that's an exciting thing, and it's great to be an essential service as well, and then one other piece of it that you're talking about statistics, Data Insulin, throw this out there is. A lot of people don't realize is the cost effectiveness of trae school versus going to college and I don't I don't say don't go to college what I tell people is if you go to college have plan what you're going to do with your degree and just like you're GonNa go to trade school have a plan have a plan in place. That's the most important part of the conversation because if you go to college without a plan, you're going to go to school for four years you can come out with an English degree and you're going to be making about thousand dollars a year selling copy machines or something of that nature. Okay. So the reality is, is that an? H. Back technician that comes out of our program is also making forty, seven, thousand dollars a year. So if you take those two, you go to college for four years how much debt you came late in those years how many how much living expenses you spend all that you're probably going to spend taking about one hundred, thousand dollars during those years at a minimum. If you do that you already one hundred thousand dollars in the hole plus you're paying percent interest on loans you take out right so you're already in the hole with interest and other payments based on becoming a six week trae school. It doesn't cost nearly amount of much one year of college, but you do that. And you're already making money after six weeks and so you're making money Byrd three. Three almost four years. That salary. So you already making about two hundred, thousand dollars in the period that they went hundred thousand dollars in bit, and so as one of the things I won't be thinking about is you know if college isn't right for you, there's other great opportunities. You make a great living and you're GONNA make yourself much more economically sound than if you spend that money on something, you don't really want to do so. Throw out there. Yeah. Well, Hey, we're gonNA take a quick break. We'll be right back. Hi. You're looking for ways to save more each month. Look no further Navy Federal Credit Union offers members great ways to lower their interest rates and save more when easy option transfer your credit card balanced to a navy federal platinum credit card in save with a low intro APR since Navyfederal Slowest, Rate Card Platinum card is perfect for large purchases that you might need extra time to pay off another great way to save is by refinancing. Your auto loan from another lender with navyfederal members save more when refi with navyfederal enjoy low rates and flexible payments in terms plus when refi your auto loan from another lender with Navy federal, you get a two hundred dollar bonus. It's easy drive off and save and navy federal members of the mission terms and conditions apply learn more at navyfederal dot org insured by NCUA Credit Claro subject to approval refinance must be at least five thousand. Two hundred dollars. Okay. We're back talking with Dr Thomas Thomas Mormon and currently the provost in school director at Perfect Technician Academy. So so Thomas you're talking about. little bit different approach with with the trade school that you're currently running, and so I suspect a couple of things that you mentioned. In addition most, let's face it most trade schools focused like almost one hundred percent entirely on the trade itself the technical aspects of the trade. But when you're dealing with customers and you're in their houses and doing things like this, there's so much more involved in whether. If somebody just comes up and fixes their AC unit. And then leaves the customers like pretty much more or less satisfied. But if if somebody comes and the whole customer experiences like so much better and they get their AC fixed, then that's the person they're going to go back to. So what kind of things did you implement have implemented in your school? Things along the lines of leadership. Customer service customer interaction. You mention you know how important it is to leave the job site clean or cleaner than you than you found it kind of things have you implemented? Absolutely so From the school perspective, five of the six weeks or focused on the book stuff that you need to know the theory stuff you need to know and the actual lab work technical work that you need to know. But the final the program is completely about the customer experience and how to best. Manage customer experience and to make it a good experience, not only for the customer, but for the technician themselves. You know it's everything from basic sales, things about how to present yourself at the door. Carrying a big old message toolbag or you're carrying a clean toolbag. I, mean, where do you Park Your van? You drive it up into someone's driveway their driveway. A lot of people see does invasion of privacy. So we got a lot of pieces of those. Other saying. There's a lot of ways to do things. Even, from year, he finished one service called. You sit in front of their house and do all the rain for the next call or do you move on stop somewhere else and prepare for a service, all these kind of things that maybe minor. But they're very important that customer experience about how that's GonNa blow and we try to also teach them how to do sales with integrity I mean. That's a very important part of this industry is many the trade industries they get a bad reputation about people trying to cheat the customer and so one of the things that we try to train his how to do sales with integrity doing it the right way giving people options that they need to have this patch face. This is a option one, which is the lowest type of repair. What we can do that will get you by and you know they'll probably last five ten years. Here's option to that. So much better unit may be more or we can add these other

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