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Welcome cars the matter I'm Robert Ross and joining me today as Jackson Hall, President founder of the vintage air and recipient of the prestigious Robert. E Petersen lifetime. Achievement. Award. Welcome jackets. Good to have you here. Thank you Robert. Appreciate that glad to be here. You've kind of an entire industry that's really come to be known as performance air conditioning. Vintage Air was founded longtime ago now in nineteen seventy six primarily to serve builders who wanted to bill. Really Cool. Hot Rods Right. Talk about how you got to where you are I. Understand you started rich and early age well, yes. I started reading a hot rod magazine and it was hot rod magazine, an Rod and custom which were once at the time that everybody was reading. It had got me interested in old cars and I was about probably thirteen isn't it? Funny? We're in it always starts Yeah. Well thirteen years old I think so long story short my mom my dad was an air force and he was at this particular time was overseas along so she would take me out looking for old cars driving around we drove by one old junkyard that had some pretty nice cars and for Junkyard, and there was a little Mali sedan sitting right there and so. With that one and that started it really which pay fifty bucks hundred bucks for no one hundred dollars ran and drove off. There's a lot of must have been a nice car. It was decent in Iran in my mom felt that was important. So she said that'd be good one it actually Lebron's than I thought well, mode will be in their law anyway but. What did you put in that thing? Jag. Let Me Guess Flathead v Eight maybe something like that. Yeah. The first walk was a mercury by then the mercury and the flatheads kind of really on their last legs so cheap and a guy out of Mercury, my dad and military, and so I could go out to the base hobby shop at work on it therapies they have the tools and equipment wilmer stuff anyway he was out there and he was pulling that thing out and he was gonna put an old set I'm looking at that thing going he san now I gotta get rid of this thing and I'm going hey, wait a second I ask him what he'd takes Twenty. Five Bucks for so. Two fifty, five key begins Mercury, flat. It sounds like deal and boy that was the bee's knees back. Then there really was water fun car that must have been what happened after those formative years he did some college worker well. And as going along I kept working on our of data as we went along than mercury got lost and I put a pontiac over at bow the eight. Okay. Okay. And I use that to go to school I drove that car was my only car and so yeah I, I went to school studied industrial design. Guy Down College it was Vietnam era so. I joined ROTC after I got out of college I went right into the air force that was pretty ambitious endeavor especially at the time you fly planes her through for a little bit and then I did other stuff when emir force well, it sounds like an interesting stint obviously got out your passion for hot rods did not diminish in the lease no it. Always Hot Rod Guy, was there an a Ha moment that you had that said, he wait a minute I'm going to get serious about this. Well, when I got out of the Air Force, I had to make a decision. I think a lot of people that go in the air force consider staining and making a career out of thought about that for just a second and pretty much decided that I wanted to do. It always wanted to do I told my mom when I was about thirteen or fourteen. I told her not WANNA build parts for Cars I decided. Well, if I wanted to do that, this long should stick with that I started looking around. What can I do at that point? Pete shakes had started a year before that. There was a couple of chassis guys out there now and I've thought well I don't want to go jump in the middle something someone is already doing so look can I do that's new made any backup just a second I had started an air conditioning repair installation sinner right after I got out of the Service in seventy three head that stuff laying around so I thought hey, street rod nationals coming up here in August August load up the van take a bunch of stuff up there and made three unique parts to have up there for that deal were no condensers at that time in the condenser is the part that goes in front of the radiate sure that support that takes up space and. A hot rod that could be a sore thumb and of course, in those days, it was all about thirty four. It's some people would say it's still. Also, we'll get to that I designed and had a company make me condenser company up in Minnesota. Make me a condenser that was vertical so it would fit that format because there was nothing like that available number one that's right that narrow narrow grill and the yeah it had to fit just right? Yeah. There were narrow ones but they laid down the width of the cars that were going on now. That's right. So we did that and then nine designed a compressor mounting bracket for a small black Chevy because there were more sponsorship, he's going in at that time anything else. So the hoods were narrow on hot rod so it couldn't hang out sides like they did in the newer cars. So that was the second thing we did that bracket and then the third thing we did is I made a mold. been working with my hands long enough that I just figured hands I can make them all and I can make my own plastic evaporator out in. That's right and put the coralline and I'll have a unique evaporator to fit of thirty, two

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