150. Elle Hearns


Everyone can't be here. We are a couple months out from book publication and I just wanted to say that you know as books are now as other people's books are now being launched into a pandemic timeline. It's made me realize how disappointed I am, but I didn't get to interact with all of you when save yourself launched in the oldest tickets to the live shows had to be refunded so I wanted to say. If you have purchased the book, I'd love to hear from you please. Let me know what you think. Tweet at me posted on Instagram Raider Review. It means the world to meet interact with Y'all and it was crushing to have things cancel at the last minute. Specifically about this book which I love so much so. Please, reach out. Let me know what you thought. You Save yourself a bestseller. This is a show about individual experience and personal identity. There may be times when folks US identifying words or phrases that don't feel right to you. That's part of what we're exploring here. Please listen with an open heart and as always I welcome your plate engaged feedback and I encourage you to continue the conversation in your own life and with your own community. Welcome to query. Hey Queiroz Cami Year I. AM incredibly excited about today's episode. My guest is L. hearns. L. Is the founder of the Marketer P Johnson Institute, and if you follow me on my socials which by the way. Why do you listen to this podcast and not follow me on my socials but if you do, you would have seen L. on my instagram during the share, the Mike Now Campaign we talk about that. But also the Marshall Institute and I was just incredibly grateful to L. for her time and In that takeover of my instagram and then also to come on the podcast. So please Andrey this episode. Feeling. Still No no no Caralis? Awesome. Why always have guests introduce themselves when you introduce your? So absolutely My name is l. her I am the founder and executive director the Marsha p Johnson Institute my pronouns are mandatory and they are she her in her and I am a native of Columbus Ohio. I've never heard somebody say my prone mandatory. Let's pretty cool. Is that is that a state is unafraid use often. I do I think we've kind of bought into this idea that. Are Nouns are available for interpretation as opposed to being ways that we honor not who we are but I, we expect others to honor who we are. So I let people know you know that my pronouns are mine I try my. Best, to respect others you know especially under the guise of assumptions we assume people's pronouns more than we like to admit. Sure. How do you navigate that in your life? Do you find that you often ask folks for their pronounced? Asked when we first met I, think you asked early very early in the conversation. Yeah. For me I interchange. So I go. Between, using gender neutral pronouns for people whose pronounce I'm not aware of or acts directly specifically more intimate interactions that acts but though. At intimate I use just neutral language to be as respectful as I can. So you like. So in that case, you're going to default to them what you're saying yeah. Yeah. You know I always ever. Do at at, it was very difficult for me because you know as a Trans Woman I came into this kind of larger understanding of transmits. After. Leaving jail, and so the pronouns that are used for you in jail are. Very different than the pronouns of the world and so you know just in my life even prior to jail in just different experiences that I had a pronouns where not necessarily something that I saw people. To define for themselves. Wow I. Is. It artif- ask you a little bit more about that. Specifically. Specifically what? Anything that might have happened. During that time what when you say that that there were different pronounce in that time in your life. Just, I have so much compassion for you on hearing. There s the first thing that's why I had to do like a big exhale unlike. That sounds really tough. when was that in your life when? Down was that probably? Two thousand. Fourteen On that was really pivotal moment that kind of shift in my entire life into you know social justice than into activism in Sudan World of you know academia where there's certain language you. Defined and exalt ones live unions, and so the lived experience that I had was very much. So different Lee connected to language that people were using more. Broadly in hierarchy. Hype of structures. So what was happening your life before that? Like where where were you living in wars going on for you? Oh Wow. So my adult life I've lived. A. Back and forth between Columbus Ohio in New York. City and I had experienced You know homelessness in both cities, which is why there was just some back and forth. So housing insecurity is something I experienced tremendously throughout my twenties as I was trying to really figure out you know. Where home was for me as a Black Trans woman, you know trying to find a place Raphael not only comfortable but that I felt alive is something that I had always been searching for and I never could find it in my hometown and even in New York City, you know I was in. Ohio girl from New York City trying to find a home in this big place where If you don't have a Lotta money is very difficult to find a home, and so you know that was the experience that a had consistently prior to movements in new. York. City I worked in you know industries that you know gave me I think a lot of knowledge that I'm able to us today but it certainly didn't me any comfort you know around a living outside of poverty and so. I think a lot of those experiences what kind of shape not only my pilots but might desire to create more for me and other people. During that time where you sleeping outside, were you like crashing with friends? What was the day? All of the above you know so you know certainly during that time had Moved into, you know sharing space with an intimate partner and you know that was certainly in boat emotionally abusive Living Arrangement, and you know there was a time where certainly was sleeping on couches. Sleeping on floors in. New. York City

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