Introducing Best Laid Plans + Q&A Part 2. Ep 157


We're also going to be answering a few more listener questions that came in through our instagram account, which is best of both worlds podcast. So Sarah tell us all about the exciting launch best laid plans. Yeah. I mean I'm very nervous because. Now the pressure's on since I we are recording this before you know I did get the okay. From the we're working with the I'm working with the exact same group that Laura and I have been working with for best of both worlds. So I do feel very confident that they know what they're doing and I kind of know what I'm doing, which is kind of cool to be at that point I'm like actually I do know the pieces that it takes. To launch a podcast. And it's funny because like you you accumulate that knowledge without realizing that you are. Because, I, know that it can seem very daunting but house like, Oh, I, do not know how to do this. So I'm working with the same group and they have told me that we are going to be good for launch on Monday August third have a couple of little pieces to put in place but all my first three episodes have been recorded so that part is done and I'm going to be releasing to the first episodes on the launch date. So. Tell us why you decided to do this and what exactly listeners are in for when they when they tune in. Yeah. So this is not a replacement. Best of both worlds they are very different content focus podcast but you guys know how excited I got when we've done our planner related episodes like we had a plan of Palooza in I think our first. Year and then we did a part to and I just have so much fun talking about those topics writing about them on my blog, and there's been at least a small demand for more of that content and while writing about it is fun and I do it, I can show pictures and everything I felt like it would also be really fun to talk about. And I do listen to a few solo podcasters who help me feel like it's possible to have an engaging podcast with that kind of content. So Instead of being about just life and work and making it all happen like this podcast is going to continue to be. This one is going to be about planning strategies, planning practices, and then the actual tools we love to use while doing. So so the actual paper products that I love love to learn about. As well as a focus on some other, you know planning philosophies techniques that I will bring in guests periodically for. A plan on having guests quite as often as we do on this podcast on in part just because I don't WanNa. Sign myself up for more than I. You know I don't want to put up more than I can choose so to speak and I know that planning recording a podcast on my own, it's something that can be done in a really reasonable amount of time. It takes more work to coordinate with a guest and also because I'm hoping hoping that my voice is going to add something and that I'll have enough to talk about. Can always revisit that and change the structure if I don't now the plan is to be weekly correct. Yes. So my tentative structure as it stands right now is basically to have one week of the month be just like about planning techniques of some kind the second week of the month to be about some beloved product or system the third week of the month to be a guest and then an end by the the product. Or system could be like a review like maybe I'll order something to try and kind of go through a deep dive of what makes it good what who could use it? What's functional added? What's not again, the third week would be our guest one, and then the fourth is going to be like a mailbag QNA because recently I've listened to some podcast that I've enjoyed that incorporate that and it feels like there's never any end to. Great questions on certain topics I. Think Planning is no exception to that, and then if there's a bonus fifth month fifth week in a given month I dunno TB, maybe another technique or maybe some kind of concept deep dive we will see excellent sounds great while I plan to subscribe and I hope that everyone listening to this will do so as well and pick up some great planning techniques some and maybe discover a love of washy tape and markers who I hope so so it's GonNa be available on all the platforms including like spotify and it should be on apple and it should be on stitcher and all that. Hopefully that will go off without a hitch and as this airs that podcast will have launched hopefully yesterday. So that means as you're listening to this, you can go ahead and search for it and it's called best laid plans with harder but I believe best laid plans should hopefully pull it up It has a picture of little notebook on it if you're looking for the graphic and the first two episodes that are available are episode one, which is just kind of a hello and my planner journey and episode two. which is a deep dive into my weekly review process. So I hope those are good kickoff and you can look forward to having some guests episodes in the future, and if you have suggestions for guests I am wide open, I can imagine having you know bullet journal experts from Instagram I can imagine having somebody who manufacturers planners or someone who really has a unique planning technique that they talk about teach about. So I'm open to all angles of this and if you have a thought Pitch Yourself, please let me know. So. Please check that out I'm very excited about the launch. It's. Always good to hear. Sarah's new stuff that goes out into the world. So let's all go and subscribe to that right now. Thank you I think it's just going to be fun. You know have no idea where it's going to go or how long it will ask but no matter what I feel like it's going to be worth worth. Playing with. PODCAST is fun people like. You should do it. It's work it's also worked like it's not. It's fun. It's structured fun. You Use your brain, you get get your voice out into the world you get to hear other people's voices and that's actually Laura and I love that by the way she will Ford me and I will forward her like if we hear from one of you guys and have something we said either helped or or you know made, you think in a different way and when you right back to us we absolutely like if it gets into one of us before to the other one like, Hey, look at this it makes us very happy. So that's a very fun thing about podcasting. Very much. All right. Well, let's go back into our listener Q. in a because we got a ton of great questions. Over on our instagram account. So we did several last week we're going to go ahead and start up where we left off. So Sarah we are four months, five months whatever it is into this pandemic, any habits that you're hoping to key as life returns back to normal. Yeah. So there definitely are some habits that I. Think will probably stick. I've been very into taking walks outside in the middle of my workday whether I'm at home or at work at medical office building and. I think that's GonNa Continue I. It is like, Oh, I, have permission to this like somehow now that the like button seat expectation thundering I don't know if you can hear that but I. To. Lose coast I don't know. Why walking outside in Florida in the summer can be a little difficult when it's weather permitting, it's a nice way to break in my day. So that's been a new kind of pandemic related habit. I will say that working more remotely in general just with. Just, as many companies have kind of embrace that further employees, I'm hoping that my institution will allow me to continue to do some of my non clinical work. In A remote setting if I want to because it does take time to commute, and if I can remove that for my

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