SF Giants Off to Successful Season Start


It's a new world of Giants baseball. And frankly, it's been a very good week for the Giants and a continued last night as the Giants beat the Texas Rangers 7 to 3. It was a close game for a while. Look like it was going to be 4 to 2 of 5 to 2. And then the things happen a little bit later. And the Giants ended up winning the game 7 to 3 over the Texas Rangers for the Giants. After that, 1st 2 games down in L. A Things are much better for them. 43 runs scored for the Giants. They've given up 50 so they have a run differential of minus seven. But you start the season might is 15 after a couple of games and you see they have whittled that down. But for the Giants last night against Texas was men and boys, really the Texas pitching staff 11 walks And a hit batter for the Texas pitching staff. Last night, Jordan Lyles was all over the place and helped the Giants tremendously with all the walks that he gave up, and for the Giants, they took advantage of it, and it was really nice to see A ball club that is doing something offensively and To those of us who've watched Giants baseball for so long. You know, that offense has always been somewhat of a question for the Giants over these last 10 or 11 years of tremendous results with great pitching. But the offense has always been a question. Now. All of a sudden the offense is leading the way and the pitching is doing fine. You know, Drew Smyly last night. We'll talk about the game. But you, smiley I ended up going four innings than leaving the game with the discomfort of the index finger. So that means a trip to a Dr Scott Hampson. I'm sure and two of the hand therapists, Nancy And I know them both very well. And he's going for an M R I on that index finger, so ligament issue or something like that. But Smiley did go four innings last night for the Giants and continue that streak of no starting pitcher going five innings. For the Giants, and that's the longest streak in the history of Major league baseball. So today they look to Jeffs a margin to try to break that. See if he can give him five good innings today. But continuing with last night, 52 at our be eyes. For the Giants to out and they got the hit to drive in a run three for 10 with runners in scoring position,

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