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I'm Jason. Howell. And I'm Ron Richards. And I'm a very flustered, Florence I on today's. Days in it. Street. They're not only in the android world, but just like in life. It has been a three time and honestly I do feel like after a couple of weeks of like slow Android News, all of a sudden, the past two days like I could not keep the plates spinning. I, was like Whoa and this and this. and. It's not because tomorrow. Me and James Nafta to get up early. Wait this way me and Jason have to get up early. It's going to be regular time for you. There's a Samsung, event. Yeah. It's GonNa be nuts like seven am and mind you like as I've said, many times at this point, he probably sick appearing me say my podcast studio station is in our bedroom. So it's basically like kicking failure, the roof before had so that I can make sure that I'm up at ready for seven. Am Call to follow Samsung News which there's going to be a lot. So I'm definitely looking forward to, but what a week from Samsung to Pixel, which we'll talk about later. This is a big. I mean. We've got so much phone news happening right now. It's kind of ridiculous. I mean, it's really weird after what has been a quiet summer like it is just like it went from zero to sixty late yesterday after job total. Good. which is Kinda normal riot. Usually, it seems like about the time of the the note event is win this next phase of the phone season kicks in, and then at this point, we don't hear from Google until like Tober, but this time that's different. Anyway, we're. We're spoiling the the the ending here or at least the middle. Before, we get there. We've got some news to talk about taking us to the news. please. We have a week purchased doesn't even violence? Say it. I don't blame them at all. I, don't blame me at all burke. Let's get into the news like we said it's been head-spinning these past couple of days. We'll get to the pixel stuff in the hardware blocks of stay tuned. We haven't forgotten about that but I off. One of the hotly anticipated things all summer in the world of android. In fact, a couple of weeks ago. When Dave Burke from android. From Google and Android was on the show, he teased that nearby share file sharing aspect of android would be rolling out soon, and soon is today how about that? So, basically, if you're familiar with IOS airdrop this airdrop for android. It's file share between ANDROID devices. You can share files, images, links, etc. Through fast transfer process. You can select your visibility determine who can see you and share with WHO and who can't It does work off line, which is fascinating. Transfers by either Bluetooth, Bluetooth L. E. Web RTC, or peer to peer Wifi, whichever is fast as and you can check out hands on android episode twenty, one for deep dive into the new feature, which I'm sure we'll get you as Jason goes deep into file sharing with nearby sharing. Jason. What is your experience in nearby sharing? Is it? What is it living up to the hype? I. Think, Yeah. I think in in my experience with it and try and I should I should stay that really I've only used it around the time when I was creating the hands on android episode. So I haven't found myself in a situation since then or like I needed to use nearby sharing to send a file to myself and I certainly haven't found myself in a situation where I'm sharing directly like with my wife like quite frankly we're not going anywhere. So we're just here. Why, don't you just send her files Willy Nilly because think about it. That can be fun. We have nothing going on right now, and you know your everyone's stuck at home and you know. Why not send her random files, sent her gifts in memes through the nearby share and. Response like I. think that's a good idea. I'll ask her to set it up because it would be weird if I just set it up and started dropping are things that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. It up and it'll be it'll be a nice way to kind of lighten the load on weeks such as this one but. was going to say about nearby sharing is in my time playing with it. For that episode hands on Android I tested transferring a good amount of files, large files, small files, and yet it works pretty seamlessly. Just kind have to do the work in advance of setting it up to say, Hey, I, trust this person's device, and then if you happen to have your device near near an that person's device at any given point, you can get a little notification. Notification. That says, Hey. So and so's nearby and it makes it really easy for you just tap and share directly to them because you've all you both already kind of open those gates to say, yes, this is possible.

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